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Wednesday, August 8, 2018

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Measures for getting white skin

Measures for getting white skin
image of Measures for getting white skin

For this, you should take special care of your face every day. The role of beauty products in refining the skin is much more than what you are being consumed by the diet. Just as the body needs nutrition, our skin also needs it. We have brought some simple tips for making your skin bland.


> Skin like the body should also nourish

> Use antibacterial cleanser.

> Bitter carotene present in carrots in the skin

> Turmeric is the best way to clean the color.

Essential vitamins:-

Often, women think that their cream and lotions are vitamin C or E, they do not need food. But this assumption is wrong, if you eat fruits or vegetables rich in these vitamins, it will be beneficial for your skin. By consuming these vitamins, sunlight on your face will have no effect on the face, apart from this, such foods also save from wrinkles.

Measures for getting white skin
image of Measures for getting white skin

Facial cleansing:-

In the summer season, the face can be washed with cold water many times. It will remove dirt and dead skin from your face. Whenever you come from outside, clean your face with a cleaner. If there are pimples on the face, then use antibacterial cleanser to open porcelain and clean the dirt.

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Milk and carrot juice:-

Carrot is found in beta-carotene, which brings tension to the skin. To make this pack, tighten the carrots and mix the milk in it. Put it on your face for a few minutes, massage it and then wash the face with cold water after that. It can also mix yogurt and massage with it. If your face is oily after applying this pack, then you can wash your face with a slight face wash. Continuous use of it will enhance the skin.

Measures for getting white skin
image of Measures for getting white skin

Turmeric blue color:-

Turmeric is the best way to clean the skin color. Use turmeric and gram flour or dough to make a paste. Always keep in mind that you should use the perfume turmeric rather than the packet turmeric available in the market. Blend with a turmeric sticking in a mixer and add some fresh cream. When the paste is ready, add milk and flour to it and make it thick. Put this paste on your face for 10 minutes and wash with cold water.

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Make sandalwood beautiful:-

It is good to use sandalwood to enhance the color. Chandana does not have any side effects of any kind of face. To make a paste, mix 1 teaspoon lemon and tomato juice in sandalwood powder and apply the paste on in your face and neck properly.

Measures for getting white skin
image of Measures for getting white skin


Rugged blonde:-

You should have noticed that girls started marrying 15 years before the marriage so that their color disappears. It is considered the best and the easiest way to revitalize the veneer color. To make the sour, you must dry the black mustard boil in milk and then grind it a little bit on the hands and feet and face. Then see how your skin will bloom in a few days.

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