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Wednesday, August 1, 2018

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The advantages and disadvantages of eating chikoo 

Chiku is a common fruit in India that you will find at every store. It is sweet in taste. It is found in many countries, besides Chiku is also used in making Chewing Gum. Cheeku seeds are like beans. It takes at least 5 to 8 years to become a chiku plant. Chikkoo Khayen Ke Fayde Aur Nuksaan

Its fruit is like the fruit of Kiwi. Chiku tree has two times the effect of cucumber in the year.  Today in this article we will tell you about the advantages and disadvantages of eating different types of kamuk and chikoo

The advantages and disadvantages of eating chikoo
The advantages and disadvantages of eating chikoo

Types of creams =

There are several types of chikoo which we are telling you below.

1 brown sugar

Brown sugar extract was introduced in 1948. It ranges from 2 to 2.5 inches and it is brown.

2 Prolific

This specimen was introduced in 1951, which is of Cone Shape. It is brown in color and pink in color from the inside. Its taste is sweet and its smell is sharp. It ranges from about 2.5 to 3.5 inches and its quality is very good.

3 Russell

This chikoo was introduced in 1935 and it is the oldest member of the khaku family. It ranges from about 3 inches to 5 and its flavor is sweeter than all other peaches.

4 Tikal

It is also a type of leech that tastes very good and it is egg-shaped and its skin color is light brown.

Nutrients in scalp = 

* Energy = 83 Kcal

* Fat = 1.10 G

* Carb = 19.9 g

* Protein = 0.44 g

* Fiber = 5.3 G

Vitamin List =

* Vitamin A = 60 IU

* Vitamin C = 14.7 Mg

* Folates = 14 mg

* Niacin (B3) = 0.2 G

* Thiamin (B1) = 0.058 G

* Riboflavin (B2) = 0.02 g

* Pantothenic Acid (B5) = 0.252 G

* Pyridoxine (B6) = 0.037 G

The advantages and disadvantages of eating chikoo
The advantages and disadvantages of eating chikoo

Minerals =

* Calcium = 21 mg

* Copper = 0.086 Mg

* Magnesium = 12 mg

* Iron = 0.8 mg

* Phosphorus = 12 mg

* Selenium = 0.6 mg

* Zinc = 0.1 g

Electrolyte = 

* Sodium = 12 mg

* Potassium = 193 mg

* Lipids = NA

* Saturated Fatty Acid = 0.33 G

* Monounsaturated Fatty Acids = 0.89 g

* Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids = 0.02 G

Benefits of eating chikoo = 

1. There is a lot of fiber in chiko which has a laxative effect. By eating chikoo, your constipation complaint will be removed and your digestion system will also get better.

2.  helps protect against illness such as colon cancer, oral cavity, and lung cancer. Fiber present in the scalp keeps our brains away from cancer-like diseases.

3.  Chikukas contain things like Vitamins Minerals and Sugar such as sucrose and Fructose which provide energy to us and protect our body from things like free radicals. Vitamin A is rich in abundance, which is very good for our eyes and skin health.

4.  Tanning is done in the stomach which works like a medicine and it is a very good fruit for hemorrhoids.

5.  It also helps in removing inflammation, for that you heat the leaves of the gram in water and then remove the leaves and drink this water and also garlands with it.

6.  Chicho contains Haemostatic quality which eliminates the loss of blood due to hemorrhoid and lack of blood due to injection.

7.  It is also very good for cough and grief and it works like a medicine.

8.  Acne works like Sedative Medicine, which means that it helps to relieve stress in your body and relax you, helps you to cure insomnia, Anxiety and Panic disorders. It also improves your Mental Health.

9. There are good quantities of Latex in chiko, which helps you increase the help of dental help.

10.  Folic Acids is a very good amount of acetic acid, which helps in increasing our Red Blood Cells and besides it is also very beneficial in pregnancy.

11.  peach paste prevents fruits and plants from molding.

12.  This is a fruit that you can eat with its skin, and its skin helps you keep yourself healthy.

13.  Cucumber contains good amount of Potassium, which regulates your blood pressure and blood circulation.

14.  Water Retention is not made in your body with the help of this and the amount of water in your body is correct.

15.  It helps to remove toxins from our body and eating lemon sticks helps you to remove kidney and bladder stones.

16.  By making a paste of lemon seeds, you can apply it to a chopped bite, it is a very good home remedy.

Use of creak = 

1.  chaku can be used for hair and skin.

2. . Keep your hair healthy by eating chikoo.

3.  Dandruff gets cured by applying the paste made from the seeds of acacia seeds.

4.  Applying the oil extracted from the seeds of the peanut in the head leads to stubbornness of the hair.

5.  Vitamins found in scalp keeps your skin moisturizer.

6. Antioxidants found in scalp help you to get older before aging and reduce

7.  Regular knife helps you get rid of viral infection and Fungal Infections.

The advantages and disadvantages of eating chikoo
The advantages and disadvantages of eating chikoo

Chikuku for children =

Very beneficial for children. You can tie the kids who are 6 to 8 months old. There is no allergy reaction in it. It is safe for all children.

Apart from this, it also strengthens the bones of the children and helps in keeping the body's many functions clean. It protects children from winter grief, besides it also helps to cure diseases such as diarrhea.

Eating loss of chikoo

There are very good nutrients in the chikoo, but it is important to know about its loss before eating it. According to your weight, you can consume 100 to 120 grams of lemon in a day, depending on your age.

Due to eating more chikoo, your weight can increase as it contains calories too much.
Due to eating more raw chaku, children may have sore throat, difficulty in breathing and such problems.

Conclusion =

So how many different types of peg are you up to? What are the benefits of eating chikoo? Should children give or not stomach? What can be the loss of eating chikoo? We told you about it, if you like our information, then definitely tell us by commenting below.

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