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Tuesday, August 28, 2018

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   How to Treat Sunburn | Burnt skin from sunlight | Sun Risks 

   How to Treat Sunburn | Burnt skin from sunlight | Sun Risks
   How to Treat Sunburn | Burnt skin from sunlight | Sun Risks 

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What is sunburn?

Sunburn is a term used for red, semolina and painful skin, due to excessive exposure to ultraviolet radiation (UV) rays in the skin. Tue, frequent sunburn will go into the sun. is. Due to which the risk of other skin damage and some diseases increases. They are prominent in skin or wrinkles, black spots and skin cancer such as melanoma.

You can protect your skin from sunburn and related skin diseases. Especially when you go out of the house, it becomes more important even if they are cold or rainy. If your skin has become a victim of sunburn, then you should know the correct treatment for it. In this article, we are telling you about the cause and treatment of sunburn, which is as follows -

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Symptoms of Sunburn -

What are the signs and signs of Sunburn?

Symptoms of sunburn vary on everyone's skin. The redness of the skin is not visible even for a few hours, in the right way, it appears approximately 12-24 hours later.

If there is a light sunburn, it usually feels slight redness and discomfort on the affected organs.

In more severe cases, the blisters may occur. Any part of your body that remains open can burn your ears, head, and lips too. Burning to the extreme extent of burning on the sun can lead to procrastination and may need to go to a hospital.

Sunburn has the following symptoms:

  •  Pinkness or redness
  •  Feeling warm on the skin while touching.
  •  Pain, discomfort, and itching.
  •  swelling.
  •  Tiny bark filled with pimples, which can burst.
  •  If Sunburn is severe then the experience of a headache, fever, nausea, and fatigue.

   How to Treat Sunburn | Burnt skin from sunlight | Sun Risks
   How to Treat Sunburn | Burnt skin from sunlight | Sun Risks 

Due to the burning skin of sunlight -

Why is sunburn?

Sunburn is caused by exposure to very high ultraviolet light (UV) rays. U.V. It is impossible to see the rays from the eyes. U.V. A is a type of solar radiation that causes the skin to become aging. U.V. B. is related to Sunburn. Both types of radiation are susceptible to skin cancer.

Melanin (natural pigment) is a pigment found in the outer layer of the skin (epidermis) that gives the skin normal color. When you use UV If you come in contact with the light, then your body protects itself by accelerating melanin production. Due to the production of extra melanin the color of the skin becomes black.

Suntan, Sunburn by Sunlight and other skin damage to prevent damage to your body. There is a way to avoid rays. But should also be protected from it. The amount of melanin produced is genetically determined. Many people do not produce enough melanin to protect the skin. Eventually, U.V. The rays burn the skin, which causes pain, redness,and swelling.

You can also be a victim of sunburn in the cold or rainy season. About 80 percent of the UV The rays pass through the clouds. Snow, sand, water and other surfaces Reflect the rays which burn your skin more severely than when exposed to sunlight directly.

Rescue from the sun burns skin-

How can you avoid sunburn?

The best way to avoid sunburn is to reduce as low as you can. Come in contact with the rays, that is, at least in the sun, and if you leave, then take full care of the skin's safety. Here are some ways to avoid sunburn:

  •  Sit in the shade instead of sunshine.
  •  Wear sunglasses to protect eyes from sunshine.
  •  If it is between 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. then do not go in the sun, because the rays of the sun are the fastest.
  •  To keep your body from sunlight, wear full arms clothes. Whenever you go outside, cover your hands and feet properly and use the hat to avoid the head.
  •  Use sunscreen. Your skin should be of any type, UVA, And U.V.B. Before avoiding the effects of rays, use SPF 15 or more spectrum protection sunscreen before leaving the sun.

   How to Treat Sunburn | Burnt skin from sunlight | Sun Risks
   How to Treat Sunburn | Burnt skin from sunlight | Sun Risks 

Sunburn treatment -

What is the treatment of sunburn?

Once your skin gets burnt from the sun, you can not do much for the damage done to your skin, but you can do the following pain and discomfort in the following ways:

  •  Take painkillers. However, the medicine should be taken only on the advice of the doctor, but if necessary, you can take Ibuprofen as an over-the-counter medication. Can help control the pain and swelling of sunlight, especially if you take it immediately after sun exposure. Some painkillers are available in the form of the gel.

  •  Try to relax the skin. Soak the towel in the tap water and then squeeze it on the affected skin or take a bath with cold water.

  •  Use aloe vera lotion or gel as moisturizer.

  •  Do not rinse small ulcers. If the blister ruptures, then clean it with light soap and water. Apply antibiotic ointment

  •  Treat gently skin with shredded skin. Moisturize your skin after peeling due to sunburn.

  •  To minimize exposed skin, minimize in the sun.

  •  Keep your skin hydrated by drinking water.

  •  Do not use butter because it is an incorrect remedy which damages the skin.

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