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Sunday, September 23, 2018

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Drinking water also has some special rules and correct methods

By following the right methods of drinking water and keeping the body, the body can be kept free from many diseases. As you all know that approximately two-thirds of the total weight of a human body is water, this shows the importance of water. 1.5 liters of the kidney, 650 min from skin Li., 320 ml from the lungs And 130 ml in stools Water is spent, which is filled with waterborne water, yet it is necessary to drink at least 2.5 liters of water daily to maintain balance. The body of water depends on many factors like climate, physical health, physically hard work, body weight etc. In this post, we will mainly provide information on the following topics.

  •  How much water should you drink?
  •  The right way to drink water?
  •  When to drink water?
  •  When do not drink water?
  •  When did you drink water?
  •  How much water should you drink?

Drinking water also has some special rules and correct methods
Drinking water also has some special rules and correct methods

How to drink water? And the rules for drinking water:-

  •  Water should not be taken together, gradually, sip and sip so as to reach the stomach according to body temperature. Drink water according to body temperature.

  •  Try not to drink water from a plastic made glass or bottle.

  •  Instead of drinking water by placing the glass or utensil with the lips, the prevalence of drinking water is being increased in the mouth directly from the top. It keeps the fear of stomach disorders. Drink water from the top or simultaneously, the mouth of the mouth from the mouth to the anus opening creates airiness and the air gets upset due to indigestion, soreness, dyspepsia, dizziness.

  •  Purity of water - Put basil leaves in the water. It keeps the water pure.

How much water should drink -

  •  People living in a hot climate should drink at least eight liters of water.

  •  Should also drink at the time of sickness, which should reach the cold inside the body and the system of the body should start again. A healthy body can fight only with illness.

  •  Contrary to the desire at the time of thirst, it is harmful to drink very well.

  •  Drink only 2 glasses of hot water after leaving the sleep in the morning. Because, during the sleep, fresh water reaches the body parts for a long time, which increases the amount of different impurities. By drinking water in the morning, all the filth of your body will come out through urination and all the organs of your body will be smooth Will work from

  •  Drinking three drops of water before sleeping at night, is healthy. Drink more water in the day and as soon as the evening starts to occur, the quantity of water should be reduced, this will require you to go to the bathroom repeatedly and there will be a break in your sleep.

  •  Except for the elderly and the weak, sick people, it is best to take a bath with cold water than hot water, even if the weather is cold.

  •  Cold bath makes body and mind feel more fresh and pleasant.

  •  Once in a week, the steam of water should be given on the body once. It cleanses the body, the hair follicles are opened and the skin gets shiny on the skin (Skin).

Do not drink water -

  •  After any hot food, ripe fruits such as cucumber, cucumber, watermelon, melon, after getting ready to sleep, after drinking hot milk or tea, whether after day or night, should not drink water immediately after coming from the sun.

  •  Do not drink water immediately after eating, because digestive juice present in the intestine does not work with its full potential by getting water. Drink water at least one hour later.

  •  After eating, if you have more desire to drink water then take juice, milk, lassi or curd.

  •  Do not drink water immediately after sleeping, because it is prone to colds, headache and health.

  • Do not drink water immediately after peeing or drink water and should urinate immediately. It can digest the digestive system and kidneys.

  • After hard labor or exercise, after the woman-infection, after coming from the sunlight to cold, after taking the ingredients of smooth and fried food, immediately after eating roasted peanuts, drinking water after bowel movements Does not cure

  •  People suffering from nausea, flu, cough, hiccups, stomach ache and paralysis should not drink cold water.

  •  Instead of drinking cold water in the summer, drink the fresh water of new potions, it will be more beneficial by quenching your thirst.

When to drink water -

  •  The right time to drink water - Well the best chance of drinking water is the same, when thirsty, but consuming as per some rules is more beneficial.

  •  Drinking water right before meals reduces digestibility, the body is thin. Drinking 5-6 drops of water in between meals quickly digested food. After drinking water immediately after drinking water, the body starts to flourish, it is thick. Drinking water after an hour of food gives strength to the digestive system.

  •  Drinking a glass of water half an hour before eating is beneficial. This will make the hunger look good.

  •  Drinking water after digesting food provides power, so it is considered good to drink one or two glasses of water after one and a half hours after eating it.

  •  Take any exercise before drinking water, so that your muscles can get energy.

  •  After rising in the morning, after clearing the teeth, drink one glass of two glasses of water in the copper plates. If possible, then squeezing a paper lemon into it will be more effective. This will make the open defecation and will not lead to difficult diseases like piles.

  •  Drinking water before sleeping, while sleeping well, food is properly digested.

  •  Feeling hungry or not, but drinking fast in fasting or fasting should be used several times. This leaves the body with harmful acids that develop in the body.

  •  At a gap of about two to three hours in a day, water should be consumed purely because it releases the secretions of endocrine glands in sufficient quantities, and this secretion keeps the body healthy.

When did the water drink more?

  •  Drink more water in diseases like high blood pressure, fever, sunburn, urinary problems, heartbeat, constipation, and burning sensation.

  •  With excessive sweating in the summer, there is a shortage of water in the body. Drink more quantity of water in this condition.

Benefits of drinking empty stomach water: -

At the time of fasting or fasting, there is no food in the digestive organs of the body, which reduces the digestion of food. For this reason, the digestive system starts removing many impurities. This is why it should drink more water during the fasting so that the impurities dissolve with water and get out of the body through urination.

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