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Saturday, September 8, 2018

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These things are less than eating food cholesterol

These things are less than eating food cholesterol
These things are less than eating food cholesterol

The first name of the enemies of the heart is of Cholesterol. Increasing cholesterol slowly damages the heart. Before checking the level of cholesterol (total, LDL and HDL) near the doctor, we are telling you some home remedies that you can fight with cholesterol and keep your heart healthy.

1. Garlic-

  •  A bud is effective in reducing cholesterol by up to 9 percent of garlic in half the bud. Garlic contains amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and organosulfur compounds. It is believed that this compound can reduce HDL and total cholesterol.

2. Amla-

  •  Amla, rich in Vitamin-C, also has a lot of mineral and amino acids. According to a study, there are many other advantages besides lowering cholesterol. By eating one to two amla in the day you get benefit in reducing cholesterol.

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3. Green Tea -

  •  Green tea contains abundant paleefanelles, which is considered to be extremely beneficial. This not only reduces bad cholesterol but also increases good cholesterol. Just 2-3 cups of green tea is enough in the day.

4. Whole Coriander -

  •  Many of the Ayurveda properties are found in the whole coriander found in the kitchen, one of them is to reduce cholesterol.

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5. Isabgol -

  •  One to two teaspoons isbugol can not only reduce the amount of cholesterol in the body but also keep the heart healthy.

6. Fenugreek -

  •  Fenugreek seeds not only increase the taste of food but can also improve the health. Methi rich in vitamin E and anti-diabetic elements reduces cholesterol. By taking only half a spoon in the day, cholesterol gets relief.

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