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Saturday, September 1, 2018

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Coming Camera which will fit in the eye | camera contact lenses for human

Coming Camera which will fit in the eye | camera contact lenses for human
Coming Camera which will fit in the eye | camera contact lenses for human

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A new step in the world of science beyond belief. South Korea recently issued a patent for a company that has a camera with a contact lens. This information has been received by Sam Mobile, a blog publishing information related to Samsung.

More New Information:-

This contact lens of Samsung has a sensor-equipped camera. It can be controlled by blinking the eyelids. In this, an antenna is also fit. The picture taken here will go straight to your smart phone.

Nowadays, companies are making small devices that will increase the visual experience several times. They can also be worn like smart glasses, chips on the brain etc. It seems that Samsung's contact lenses are part of the preparation for the same race.

In any case, people prefer to wear contact lenses instead of wearing eyeglasses, especially because they can not be detected. Camera lenses will make their visual experience even better. It has patented the company right now. Production will take time, but it is certain that such experiments will really create a new world.

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