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Saturday, September 1, 2018

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Plastics produce mushrooms by eating | plastic eating mushrooms?

Plastics produce mushrooms by eating | plastic eating mushrooms?
Plastics produce mushrooms by eating | plastic eating mushrooms?

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  • pestalotiopsis microspora eats plastic-
  • plastic eating mushrooms-
  • the mushroom that eats plastic-
  • fungi mutarium-
  • oyster mushrooms eat plastic-
  • plastic eating fungus snopes-

It is not the time now that the rich countries put their garbage in silence in another country silently. Now everyone will have to handle their own garbage itself. The scientists of the entire world are engaged in finding ways to get rid of plastic waste. In such a group of scientists has found a device that chicks the plastic and instead produces mushrooms that humans can eat.

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This device is not completely a mechanical device. You can call it biomechanical and the real thing is to do two fungus. These fungus tackle the plastic. One of the makers of this device, Austrian Katharina Unger said, "We are quite excited from this idea that there is something that creates something which is worth eating despite digesting plastic.

This device has been named Fungi Mutarium and it has been working for the last few years. Scientists associated with this are now working with microbiologists to find out how many types of mushrooms can be used. Apart from this, how to improve the process of decomposition.

According to Katharina, people have discovered some ways to deal with wastes such as the West to Energy Plant. But there are many other problems with this. Burning plastic causes poisonous gases to emerge. Meanwhile, the idea of a fungi mutarium was revealed. It not only uses nature to eliminate synthetic waste, but as a result, produces something you can literally use, and that is - food.

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