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Sunday, September 16, 2018

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Sleep deprivation is the solution for deep troubled deep sleep

Sleep deprivation is the solution for deep troubled deep sleep
Sleep deprivation is the solution for deep troubled deep sleep

Sleep deprivation is the solution for deep troubled deep sleep: Sleep deprivation or insomnia is called insomnia. Experts believe that an adult is required to sleep for 8 hours. On the other hand, it is also true that some people sleep only for five or six hours, they also change their behavior. Experts believe that sleep is so much more important than its importance, but its sleep is more important.


Many times people also become victims of sleep deficiency due to depression. Apart from this, if there is a shortage of nutritious elements like zinc and iron in the body, then there is a lack of sleep deficiency. A newborn usually sleeps for 18 hours throughout the day and when the same happens 10-12 years old, then its sleep is 9-10 hours. Well, for the adult person, sleep is only 7-8 hours. Patients with sleep deficiency should avoid sleeping medicines and should use alternate remedies, it takes a habit of taking sleeping medicine and the side effects of this medicine are very high on the other brain.

A person suffering from a lack of sleep should not drink tea and coffee at all in the evening. They should make regular time to exercise and sleep on time. Also, they should avoid sleeping in the afternoon. Teach muscle relaxants should be taught to exercise and comfort exercises. People suffering from sleep deficiency should also pay special attention to their diet because the right diet is very helpful in bringing good sleep.


These remedies of trying out solutions to overcome sleep deficiencies -

1 .  Sleeping with milk by eating 50 grams of Mawa or Khova made from milk while sleeping at night. Drink a glass of sugar and a spoonful of ghee in a glass of milk while sleeping at night. Sleep will soon come.

2 . Nutmeg - Sleep reduces sleep when it is diluted in water or ghee and put on the eyelids.

3 . Coriander - After the lack of sleep, grind green coriander and drink sugar and water together. It comes with good sleep, dark eyes come forward and headache disappears.

4 .  Citrus is beneficial in caffeine and lack of sleep. Seek and eat in its vegetable ghee and eat it.

 5 . Add curry black pepper, sauce and sugar in curd-curd and it will be good to eat.

6 . Honey - Mix lemon juice and honey with 1-1 teaspoon and drink two teaspoons at night to sleep. After sleeping again, sleep again after drinking two teaspoons. If you do not have a lemon, then add two teaspoons of honey in the glass of water and drink.

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7.  Eating apple marmalade in sleep deficiency is beneficial.

8 . Onion- If you do not sleep, then onion or cooked onions or hot ash, add onion juice or drink it on four grams of juice. This will bring you a good sleep.

9 . Mustard oil - Massage of oil in the soles of the feet stays stable in them, sleep becomes deep and the lack of sleep reduces.

10 .  Fennel-10 gms boil in half a kilo of water, filter on a fourth of the water, 250 grams of milk and 15 gms of ghee and sugar in taste according to taste and drink it while sleeping.

11 .  Mango - Eat some nights and drink milk, it sleeps well.

12 .  Carrot- Carrots contain the elements of balanced food. This reduces sleep deficiency. Drink a glass of carrot juice daily.

 13 .  To reduce the shortage of sleep, take plenty of fiber-rich foods such as bran bread, porridge, pulses, banana, mango, guava, grapes, figs, dates, spinach, potatoes, pumpkin beet sugar So that the problem of constipation cannot be created.

Sleep deprivation is the solution for deep troubled deep sleep
Sleep deprivation is the solution for deep troubled deep sleep

Try these solutions to overcome the lack of sleep -

1 .  Drink a glass of lightly hot milk before sleeping. Do some exercise in the day and also go for a walk before sleeping.

2 . Set the time for sleeping and waking.

3 .  Do not drink tea, coffee, alcohol etc. before sleeping. Take a light meal at night and try to eat after eating it for half an hour before going to sleep.


4 . Try to take a natural sleep, do not depend on any pill or capsules.

5 . Forget about the occurrence of a stressful incident in the day and try to be normal. If these things are kept in mind then there is no reason not to have a good and deep sleep.

6 .  To avoid the lack of sleep, do not watch the first TV program before sleeping or play video games, because these things stimulate and encourage the brain. And sleep could not pass

7 . Think before sleeping - People are so busy in their everyday activities that when the time comes to sleep, they start thinking about the day-to-day work, due to which their brains are very active It gets late and sleep is delayed and sleep deficiency also happens. Therefore, take a meditation on your everyday activities just before or two hours before going to bed to overcome the shortage of sleep. The biggest benefit of this minded exercise will be that if your mind wants to be free of stress, then take 1 glass of hot milk while sleeping, but do not take any sweet snacks along with it because the sugar in it can stimulate your body system. is.

8 . Prefer a comfortable sleep system. If you want to sleep deep then make your bedroom comfortable. Keep in mind that there is no problem with light. Your bed should also be comfortable If you slept wearing loose clothes, then surely you will get restlessness.

9 . Exercise- Exercise light-weight every day before damping the evening, because after taking excuses or hard work, the body relaxes itself to repair the muscles that break, which reduces the lack of sleep.

10 .  Bath with hot water-according to sleep experts, as the body temperature decreases. As soon as the flaps begin to flow. So if taken with hot water 4 hours before sleeping, then the temperature of the body will increase more than usual and the temperature will start to decline and the flashes will start, as a result, sleep will easily fall.

11 . You can also take homeopathic medicine Calcarea carb-200 to remove the shortage of sleep, most of these patients start sleeping.

12 . Massage is also useful to overcome the shortage of sleep-before neck, press the neck, spinal cord, and shoulder massages well, press and hold ten minutes continuously. Massage on the spinal cord above both the top and the bottom.


13 . Do not break into sleeping or sleeping after urinating. It gives a good sleep. If you do not sleep instantly, do not worry, do not worry. This is a great opportunity for relaxation. Sleep well after rest.

14 . Keep count of countdowns like 100, 99, 98 while keeping your breath in mind while sleeping.
If you do not sleep, keep both legs in the hot water for 10 minutes before sleeping. It is called a hot-bath bath. If you have a dizziness, you should keep a wet nappy on the head. Sleep reduces the sleep loss by washing feet with cold water in the summer.


Sleep deprivation is the solution for deep troubled deep sleep


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