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Saturday, September 8, 2018

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There is just one mosquito in this country and that too in the museum

There is just one mosquito in this country and that too in the museum
There is just one mosquito in this country and that too in the museum

Mosquitoes have been gnawing in our nose. Dengue, Malaria, and Chikungunya spreading these devils have captured the whole world and they are also becoming powerful. There is no place where people are not troubled by them, but there is a corner of the world where people have to go to the museum to see the mosquito. This country is named Iceland. The people here wear full-sided clothes but not to avoid mosquitoes to avoid cold.

Here, if a child asks his mother how mosquitoes are, then his parents take him to the Institute of Natural History. A mosquito has been dipped in alcohol in a jar, which was caught in an airplane in 1980. Since then no one has seen an alive mosquito. This is the only mosquito in this country.

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The strange thing is that its neighbors Denmark, Scotland, Greenland, and Norway are equally troubled by mosquitoes, as we People are still not able to believe that this little devil is not able to be born in Iceland. There is no shortage of rivers and ponds here.

Some say that there is something like this in the soil and in the air, due to which mosquitoes do not flourish. In this country, three heavy loads of weight occur in the year. Scientists say that it is necessary to have hot weather in the weather to grow mosquitoes. Well, it seems to be quite reasonable.

But the alarm bell is ringing. Due to global warming, the temperature here is slightly increased due to which new varieties of insect pests have been born. According to Justly Myel Julesson of the University of Iceland, today we can say that mosquitoes have not made their base in Iceland, but this picture can change. If the temperature continues to rise in this way mosquitoes can flourish here too.

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