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Thursday, September 6, 2018

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Women see deceit in the dream, and men see the lounge

Women see deceit in the dream, and men see the lounge
Women see deceit in the dream, and men see the lounge

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Women get more nightmares than men. The commonest among the dreams that women get is that their partner is cheating on them. A recent research has made such a claim.

Apart from these, falling of teeth, some are following and dreams of seeing a spider also disturb women. The men usually dream to travel by airplane, meet a beautiful stranger girl and get riches.

This is revealed in the research conducted in 2000 in the United States about the study of men and women. This research is done by Amerisliip, a bed maker and he has shared the results with this research only with the daily mail online.

Studies show that the most common dream comes from falling from a higher place, besides it, there is a dream to build relationships with someone with whom you should not have any connection with. Someone is following, back to school and there is a test that you have not prepared, these dreams are also common.

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But if you divide them on the basis of men and women, such dreams come to women more. Well, men also dream of bad dreams but usually they only have fun dreams.

Tens of years in psychoanalyst's teams put it to find out what the reason for the difference between a woman and a man's dreams was. Psychoanalyst Ann Cutler said bad dreams are born due to uneasiness and anxiety.

Psychologist Dr. Jenny Parker of the University of West England said that women are more restless than men and this may be one of the reasons for these dreams. Jenny has an idea that women take more load and they remember a lot of those dreams.

Dr. Parker said that if women are asked what dream you usually remember, then they tell about a dream that is a scary type.

According to the study of Amerisliipa, women often observed the view of bad dreams and emotions are stronger than their dreams. According to the data, 24 percent of women remember their dream almost every night, whereas such men count only 14 percent.

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