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Friday, August 17, 2018

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3 Impact Remedies To Prevent Hair Loss - Know

3 Impact Remedies To Prevent Hair Loss - Know
3 Impact Remedies To Prevent Hair Loss - Know

How to Stop Hair Loss? Ayurvedic and domestic remedies to prevent hair fall:-

Friends, there is hardly any person who does not desire the dense, strong and healthy hair. Boys and girls are conscious about the hair, but females are very aware by taking their hair. Hair affects our outer appearance to a great extent. A person with a white hair going down or falling is seen to be older than his real age and his confidence can also be affected.


Our scalp has about 1 million hairs and breaks of 50-100 hair daily are considered normal, but if the number is more than that it is a matter of concern. Similarly, having a white hair is also a natural phenomenon, along with age, some hair becomes white, but today it is seen that children going to school and even young people have started getting hair white, and This is also a matter of concern. Today in this article we will talk about the causes of hair loss and the measures to get rid of it.

So let us, first of all, know the reasons for these hair problems:-

Due to hair fall or fall -

<> Mis-catering

<> Malnutrition

<> Pollution

<> No proper care of hair

<> Mixing foods

<> Eating cigarette smoking or other narcotics

<> Tension or stress

<> Scalp infection

<> Hormonal Imbalance

<> Due to the side effects of some medicines

<> Some medical conditions such as thyroid, iron-deficiency anemia, chronic diseases, etc.

<> Genetic or genetic reasons

<> There is a problem of hair during pregnancy or in the treatment of cancer, but this is a common thing.

Hair loss may also be bad for nourishment on hair, or even after the body's blood gets contaminated. Know the hair holes disrupted but nourishment of hair stops. Even if the contaminated water becomes mixed in hair roots due to mental retardation or prolonged hair loss, serious hair problems can arise.

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Just as the body should be kept healthy by regular exercise, hair should be kept healthy by the priceless ayurvedic medicinal remedies. Oil must be massaged from time to time in the hair, and it should be taken into nutritious food in the food, green vegetables, and seasonal fruits should be consumed. For oil massage, you can use oils like amla, coconut, almonds, etc.

3 Impact Remedies To Prevent Hair Loss - Know
3 Impact Remedies To Prevent Hair Loss - Know

How to prevent hair loss? / 10 useful Ayurvedic and home remedies for removing hair problems -

1. Oil Massage >>>

<> Oil massage is a very simple and effective solution to keep hair healthy. Massaging turns blood flow right into the hair follicles conditions the scalp and strengthens the roots.

<2> You can use almond oil, olive oil, coconut, castor oil, amla oil, argan oil, or wheat germ oil for massage. Massage is the right way to massage your fingertips with light pressure.

2. Use of amla >>>

<> Amla's intake is quite useful for hair. Vitamin C is abundant in Amla, its deficiency can cause hair loss.

<> Arya, Amla and Shikkana are taken in the same way and by making their decoction, they wash the head with that decoction, even when the hair becomes solid and soft silk.

<> Take kernels and amla in the same amount of mango and grind them on the head and make the roots of hair strong.


<> By grinding the fruits of amla and mixing it with lemon juice, the Russian gets rid of it.

<> Mix one teaspoon lemon with the roasted amla and massage it well on the scalp from that mixer. Cover the hair with shower cap and leave it for the night and shampoo in the morning. By doing so, the hair becomes very beautiful as well as the hair fall and the hair fall also stops.

3. Use of fenugreek >>>

<> Fenugreek is considered very effective in preventing hair loss. Fenugreek donors have hormone antecedents that help in hair growth and rebalance of hair follicles.

<> Soak a cup of fenugreek in the water overnight. Grind them in the morning and prepare a paste. Put the paste on the scalp and leave it for 40 minutes. When the time is over, wash the head well with water. Repeat this process for 1 month.

<> Doing this will not only reduce hair loss but you will also get new hair growth.

<> To remove the discomfort of dry hair, and dry hair of the Russians, the fenugreek seeds should be grinded in pure sweet water and put in the roots of the hair (before sleeping).

4. Use of Onion >>>

<> Onions contain antibacterial properties that fix any type of infection in the scalp, which reduces hair loss.

<> On the onion sulfur is also found in very high amount, which is helpful in correcting blood circulation in hair follicles. It also contains proteins and nicotinic acid which helps in the growth of hair.

<> Some studies have shown that those who apply onion juice at their scalp, their hair grows rapidly.



<>  Take a little onion juice in a bowl and apply it directly on your scalp.

<>  After 30 minutes wash it and shampoo hair again.

<>  In addition, you can also:

<>  Mix two spoons of aloe vera gel with three teaspoons of onion juice, if you like, add one spoon olive oil (olive oil) in it. Leave this mixture on a scalp for 30 minutes and then shampoo.

<> Do one of the two methods mentioned above two or three times a week for one month. These methods will help a lot in the growth of your hair.

<> On the juice of onion juice and ginger juice, add rock salt and apply it on the bald head becomes possible to grow hair. Ginger juice also fades away from hair diseases.

<> After adding a teaspoon of pancake juice in a glass of water, washing hair with that water makes the hair healthy. To remove the baldness of the head, the hair germinated by applying the juice of the pouch. Applying honey and drink juice and putting them on the roots of the hair stops hair loss.

3 Impact Remedies To Prevent Hair Loss - Know
3 Impact Remedies To Prevent Hair Loss - Know

5. Use of Aloe vera >>>

<> Aloe vera contains some enzymes that help in hair growth. Along with this, ISKU maintains the pH level of alkaline properties scalp which is helpful in hair growth.


<> Aloe vera uses gels or juice to remove scabies, redness and irritation problems, reduces dandruff and increases hair strength and shine.

<> Aloe vera gel or juice on the scalp, leave it for a few hours and then wash it with warm-hot water. Do this 3 to 4 times a week.

<> You can also drink a spoonful Aloe vera juice daily for better hair growth.

6. Use of rooted root >>>

<> The root of Muthri is an herb that is very beneficial for hair. The consumption of hair loss problem can be controlled.

<> Mulberry has such qualities in the root that it opens the scales present on the scalp, and fixes the dry-dry surface.

<> It can prevent dandruff, baldness, and breakage of hair by its use.


<> Add the spoon of a spoon of milk to a cup of milk and add some saffron in it and mix it well.

<> Where there is baldness, apply this coating before sleeping at night. Wake up in the morning and wash it.

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<> The root of Kundalini can also be consumed in the form of tea made of it, it is also beneficial for hair.

<> To make the hair thick and thick, it is necessary to make a decoction of a spinach and wash the hair.

<> After adding sesame seeds and milk to the thick milk of the buffalo, they should be grinded and applied on the hair; hair loss is stopped from this.

3 Impact Remedies To Prevent Hair Loss - Know
3 Impact Remedies To Prevent Hair Loss - Know

7. Use of Goodhall >>>

<> There are many qualities in the flower of Goodwood that are very useful for hair. Using it can prevent the loss of hair, hair, dandruff and hair loss.

<> The use of knee can also be reduced to white hair and hair can be denser.


<>   Add two-cup coconut oil to 10-12 gudhal flowers.

<>   Put this solution in some pan and knead it thoroughly.

<>   After cooling, filter the solution and separate the oil.

<>   Put oil in the hair before bedtime.

<>   Repeat this process 2-3 times a week.

<>   It is also beneficial to put the juice of Gudahal directly into the roots of the hair.

8. Use of beet >>>

<2> Beetroot juice contains vitamin B, vitamin C, protein, calcium, phosphorus, carbohydrate, and potassium. All these elements are essential for good hair growth.

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<> You can eat sugar as a salad or drink the juice of it.

<> In addition, you boil the beetroot leaves in water and grind it and add it to the gourd and apply it on your scalp for about half an hour. Do this process 2-3 times a week.

9. Use of linseed seed >>>

<> In the seed of linseed, omega contains 3 fatty acids that can prevent further hair fall and help new hair grow.


<> Take a spoonful of fresh linseed seed with water every morning. You can also consume it by putting it in salads or other food items too.

<> You can make your hair strong by putting oil made of linseed seed in the hair and can control hair loss.

10. Coconut milk >>>

<> Coconut milk contains proteins and essential fats that help in growing hair and prevent hair loss.


<>  First make the coconut and put it in water and boil for 5 minutes.

<>  After filtering it cool, coconut milk will be ready in this way.

<>  Now put it in your scalp and hair, leave it for 20 minutes, and then shampoo hair.

<>  If you want to add black pepper and fenugreek seeds in it.

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3 Impact Remedies To Prevent Hair Loss - Know

Other Ayurvedic and Home Remedies To Stop Hair Loss >>>

<>  Take sesame flowers and other twenty grams and grind them. After adding one spoon to it, mix it with water and remove the baldness from the lip on the skin of the head (scalp).

<>  If any kind of disease has been found in the hair, then the message should be done in the roots of black sun hair. By this the hair becomes healthy.

<>  Apply turmeric and butter coating on the hair to make the hair soft and strong.

<>  Take the goat's manganese and rye in equal quantities (gram as ten grams) and grind them, and apply them on the head. With this experiment, hair diseases are far away. And hair becomes a black cube.

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<>  If the juice of Kateri mixed with honey is applied to the bald head, then there will be hair sprout in a few days.

<>  After grinding the root of the symbol, mixing it in butter and putting it on the roots of the hair, hair diseases are destroyed. And the hair becomes beautiful.

<>  Drinking juice of wheat plant every day eliminates the problem of hair loss. Taking the juice of fresh green leaves of wheat and putting them in the roots of hair, hair loss is stopped.

<>  Put the ripe banana peas with lemon juice and apply it on the head to remove the baldness of the head.

3 Impact Remedies To Prevent Hair Loss - Know
3 Impact Remedies To Prevent Hair Loss - Know

<>  Every day the man who has garlic gets stronger and beautiful.

<>  After grinding green coriander, filtering its juice, putting it on the head, eliminates the baldness of the head.

<>  Mix a little salt in a cup of yogurt and apply it to the hair (in the roots and hair), but the problem of dandruff is removed.

<>  In leftover lemon squeezing the lemon into the hair, make the hair soft and solid black.

<>  After adding coconut oil and lemon juice before bedtime, putting hair in the roots, hair becomes strong and healthy.

<>  To strengthen the roots of hair, grinding the vine and mixing it with sesame oil, put on the head, eliminates the baldness of the head.

<>  Boil and neem leaves should be boiled in hot water and wash the head with that water, and then the neem oil should be applied to the hair roots on the head. Doing so stops hair loss.

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<>  By making a decoction of straw leaves neem leaves, washing the head with that decoction and then putting neem oil in the head does not have the problem of zeros in the head and the Russian. Neem seeds can also be planted in the hair roots on the head.

<>  To overcome the problem of boils, and the problem of fur on the skin of the head, grinding the opium seeds in milk and putting them on their head, it removes the problem.

<>  The hair color is black due to the incision of unbearable hair in the hair every day. (Note: The decoction should be done in the hair and wash the head an hour after thirty minutes.)

Mixing a spoonful of black pepper, one spoonful of salt and five spoons of coconut oil and putting it on the surface of the head eliminates baldness, and their black hair grows.

<>  Pour leaves of pomegranate with pure water and putting that coating on the head will remove the baldness of the head.

Add 10-gram camphor and twenty grams of Suhaga and mix it in fifty ml of light boiled water. And then wash the head with the same nonsense water. With this experiment, the hair will become black, solid and soft. (Note- Remember that the water should not be warmer when washing the head, or else the eyes and the brain can be harmed along with the hair).

<>  Dry the horse on the shadow place. After that, burn it in sesame oil. After drinking water, mix it properly and massage the head with this oil. By doing so the hair becomes long and strong.

<>  Boil the urad dal and grind it, and fill it in the head while sleeping at night. With this experiment, the hair loss will stop in a few days and the hair will grow again on the bald head.

<>  In addition to adding ash ashes of mustard oil, massage of the head with that coating also removes hair diseases. (Burn the junk first).

Before bathing with lemon juice, massage the skin of the head, and then washing the head with fresh water stops the hair from being cooked and remains black.

Caution in safety of hair >>>

<> Cut the two ends of hair and fix it.

<> Do not travel in the sun for more time.

<> Do not touch or break the white hair.

<> Use less hair color, hair dryer, and smoothed shampoo.

<> Do not make excessive comb in the hair.

<> Do not keep hair dry for long (apply oil).

<> Do not let the hair stay wet after washing.

<> Do not ignore the problem of itching, Russia, ju, pimples, boils and any other head surface or hair.

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Depression - Symptoms Causes and Prevention 

Depression - Symptoms Causes and Prevention
image of Depression - Symptoms Causes and Prevention 

A couple of years prior, a companion of mine, who was likewise my neighbor, was vexed and completed his life. He was an understudy of King George Medical College, Lucknow. The explanation behind his suicide was that he over and over flopped on a similar subject. On such days, such disastrous episodes occur around us. Numerous such episodes are established in discouragement or melancholy.

Gloom is currently a typical sickness that is additionally called "basic cool of psychological sickness". Today, we will discuss this subject in detail at

What is gloom? 

Now and again it is a typical thing to feel low throughout everyday life. Be that as it may, when this inclination stays for quite a while and you don't abandon it, it can be sadness or wretchedness. In such a way, life is by all accounts very tedious and void free. In such a circumstance neither companions feel great nor do they feel some other work. Life is by all accounts sad and positive things appear to be negative. In the event that this transpires at that point don't have to freeze. Need to comprehend the side effects and reasons for wretchedness and after that treat it.

Every one of us keeps on having variances throughout everyday life. In the event that we get extremely upbeat when we get the achievement, at that point here and there one gets hopeless. Ordinarily, individuals give the name of dejection to little distress, which is completely off-base. Dejection is altogether different from typical bitterness. How about we comprehend its definition: "Sadness is a psychological condition or a lasting mental issue in which a man feels discouraged, dejection, melancholy, low confidence, and independence; Signs of this - mental impediment, cutting off of society, and circumstances that show up in less hunger and unnecessary rest. "It involves taking note of that taking any of the standard pressure or sadness misery Do not give.

Side effects of sorrow:-

<>  If you see at least one of the accompanying side effects coordinate you, at that point, you are probably going to be discouraged: 

<>  Neither you feel drowsy or an excessive amount of languid. 

<>  You can not think and do the things that you used to do effectively before you experience issues. 

<>  You feel miserable and defenseless. 

<>  You can not stop your negative considerations on whatever you attempt. 

<>  Either you don't feel hungry or you eat excessively. 

<>  You progress toward becoming chafe or forceful more rapidly than previously, and start to get irate. 

<>  You drink more than expected. 

<>  You feel that life does not merit living and you get self-destructive considerations as a top priority (it is so quick treatment)

Depression - Symptoms Causes and Prevention
image of Depression - Symptoms Causes and Prevention 

Wretchedness and suicide:- 

Wretchedness can be considered by a man to confer suicide. Amid Depression, the individual can feel powerless to himself and it appears to take care of the considerable number of issues throughout his life end. On the off chance that somebody discusses suicide, at that point he is likely experiencing despondency, and he will just give you his Not simply discussing it yet it is shouting for help, and you should encourage her. What's more, in the event that you are seeing yourself doing this then you should look for the assistance of specialists immediately.

<> If you see these things in somebody, at that point it can be a notice for suicide: - 

<> Talk about slaughtering or dispensing with yourself. 

<> Suddenly individuals inspire farewell to meet or telephone. 

<> Without reason, give your property or other significant things to others. 

<> Expressing emotions that influence the individual to seem extremely vulnerable and confounded. 

<> Always discuss kicking the bucket. 

<> Abnormal conduct, for example, red-light hop for no reason. 

<> Abnormal activities, as, "I don't need anybody to have any effect." 

<> Suddenly, to be totally discouraged and afterward to express bliss. 

In the event that you think your companion or relative is considering suicide at that point quickly give him proficient help. Talking transparently about self-destructive considerations and emotions can spare some individual's life.

Discouragement happens in various routes in men, ladies, youngsters and the elderly. Know about it, comprehends and investigate the issue effectively: 

Despondency in men: 

Discouraged men are seen as less disappointed and self-loathing than comparative ladies. Rather, they whine of being worn out, bad-tempered, don't rest, don't feel slanted at work. Some different manifestations of sorrow, for example, outrage, animosity, viciousness, inconsiderateness, and unreasonable drinking can likewise be seen in such men. Despite the fact that odds of men being discouraged than men are twofold, however, men have a tendency to have more self-destructive inclinations.

Sorrow in ladies: 

In ladies, odds of discouraging the desire for men are twofold, some of which are identified with the hormones, particularly premenstrual disorder (premenstrual disorder PMS), premenstrual dysphoric issue (PMDD), post birth anxiety, and perimenopausal sadness. The side effects of melancholy in ladies are viewed as eating all the more, ending up more gold, weight picks up, blame, dissatisfaction.

Depression - Symptoms Causes and Prevention
image of Depression - Symptoms Causes and Prevention 

Melancholy in puberty: 

Some discouraged youngsters look however nothing else. Very unusual teenagers are the most critical side effects of discouragement. A discouraged young person can undoubtedly end up irate, carry on more terrible than others, and may whine of torment in the body without cause. The intemperate weight put on by the guardians for pondering by the guardians on the kids and the examination with others may likewise be a wellspring of gloom. On the off chance that such an adolescent isn't dealt with he may experience issues in home and school, such youngsters can without much of a stretch take drugs They can begin and self-destructive propensities can likewise come in them. However, in the event that you get enable, it to can be dealt with speedier.

Discouragement in the elderly: 

Challenges joining the maturity, for example, - Dissociation, medical issues, reliance on others, diminish in salary, and so on can oblige a man. However, being wretchedness with seniority is certifiably not a typical thing. Such elderly individuals gripe a greater amount of physical issues than enthusiastic. That is the reason the majority of their sorrow related issues are not dealt with. The grumbling of awful wellbeing in the coming days can be a marker of despondency.

Because of sorrow:-

A few sicknesses have the correct causes, which makes them simple to treat. On the off chance that you have diabetes, take insulin, at that point, there is a ruptured appendix (medical procedure), at that point do the medical procedure. Be that as it may, melancholy is a little-convoluted infection. This can happen not just on account of substance awkwardness in the cerebrum, yet additionally for other organic, mental and social reasons. At the end of the day, this can be because of your way of life, your connections, how you handle issues, because of these things. In any case, a few elements increment odds of discouragement:

<> Loneliness 

<> Lack of Social Support 

<> Financial issues 

<> Recent tense encounters 

<> Sour in conjugal or different connections 

<> Bad adolescence 

<> Alcohol or other medication manhandle 

<> Unemployment 

<> Work weight 

Understanding the right motivation of melancholy can make it simpler to treat. For instance, on the off chance that somebody is going into melancholy due to being aggravated by their activity, rather than taking any energizer for them, some other great job or business can be more useful. On the off chance that you are disturbed in light of forlornness at that point investing energy with companions or seeking after a decent pastime can be more valuable for you. In such cases, conditions can be conquered just by sadness.

Instructions to beat sadness:

As the distinctive side effects and diverse reasons for discouragement are distinctive in various individuals, similarly extraordinary methods for intersection they are unique. The measures which work for one individual, it isn't vital for others to do it as well, and In many cases, nobody strategy for treatment is satisfactory. On the off chance that you have side effects of wretchedness in yourself or a well-wisher then set aside some opportunity to investigate treatment alternatives. By and large, the best approach is the blend of these measures: social help, a way of life changes, enthusiastic aptitudes building, and expert help.

Depression - Symptoms Causes and Prevention
image of  Depression - Symptoms Causes and Prevention 

Request for help: 

In the event that you feel that you are going into sadness or areas of now discouraged, don't shroud it or feel soothed by coming up short since sorrow is an exceptionally basic sickness, and its treatment is totally conceivable. Concealing it resembles advancing it, talk about it with your family and companions, counsel your indispensable companions as well. On the off chance that there is nobody you can meet specifically with a clinician.

Enhance your way of life:

You can do this in these ways: 

<> By enhancing connections 

<> By practicing regular 

<> Healthy nourishment 

<> Using Relaxation Techniques 

<> By changing the negative reasoning 

Enthusiastic Skills Develop: 

Numerous individuals don't manage pressure legitimately and wind up enthusiastic. Enthusiastic abilities assist you with maintaining you adjust in affliction. For this, you can complete a transient course identified with pressure administration.

Get assistance from the expert: 

In the event that you don't converse with every one of these things at that point help with a psychological well-being proficient. There are a few viable strategies for the treatment of discouragement, for example, treatments, pharmaceuticals, elective medicines, and so forth. Precisely what strategy to utilize, it will rely upon the reasons for your despondency.

Likewise take note of these things:-

<>  At slightest utilize the word melancholy. 

<>  Do not overlook the name of discouragement by overlooking minor issues. By doing as such your intuitive cerebrum can do this thing and your reality will build the shot of turning into a depressant patient. 

<> Read great things that convey energy to you. You will discover numerous such articles on 

<>  Keep separate from the individuals who have negative reasoning and keep remove. 

<>  Understand that except if there is a disappointment throughout everyday life, the estimation of achievement won't be comprehended. So don't think about disappointment as a conclusion to everything. 

What to do if there is some other emergency:-

On the off chance that you know somebody who will make any wrong strides because of discouragement or is considering it: 

<>  Immediately caution his relatives. A little sensitivity from the family can spare some person's life. 

<>  Do not allow that individual to sit unbothered in a dash. 

<>  Talk to this Helpline number or request to do this. A free directing office is accessible at this number. This is Mumbai's number, I checked it myself, it works. 


24 × 7 Helpline: 022-27546669

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