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Wednesday, August 22, 2018

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Combiflam Tablet Uses | Combiflam Tablet Benefits And Side Effects | Combiflam Tablet Price

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Combiflam Tablet Uses | Combiflam Tablet Benefits And Side Effects | Combiflam Tablet Price
Image of  Combiflam Tablet Uses | Combiflam Tablet Benefits And Side Effects

Do you want to know about Combiflam Tablet, like how much its uses, composition, the price is? etc in the world? This drug Combiflam Plus also has many benefits, uses, benefits and some disadvantages. Know about the information related to its side effects. Know about the information related to its side effects. This Combiflam is a type of anti-inflammatory analgesic medicine. Combiflam is a medicine made up of two separate medicines called Paracetamol and Ibuprofen. It is used mainly in the pain, cold, cold, etc. in some parts of the body, and also keeps our body healthy. The Combiflam tablet also acts as a power booster in our body. This eliminates the small fat problem of our body and makes effective shyness in keeping us fit and sound.

Uses and Benefits-

The Combine Tablet tablet can be used for the following problems.

 We use this medicine often, sometimes it happens that you have come out from outside and you have a headache or body pain, then you can use the Combiflam tablet in such condition. Along with this, there are many other problems that we use this medicine to get rid of. But do you know that in the problems of Combiflam tablet, our body keeps our body healthy? If not, do not panic today, we tell you that Combiflam, we have to keep our body healthy in the following diseases:

  •  Combiflam acts as a painkiller
  •  Fits the fever
  •  Reduces the swelling in any part of the bod
  •  Combiflam prevents Flu's virus
  •  In a headache
  •  Muscle pain
  •  In Winter Junkham
  •  Dental pain
  •  In the pain of menstruation
  •  Joint pain
  •  pain in the ear
  •  In the pain of arthritis
  •  In the body ache
  •  Back pain
  •  Pain in veins

There are many more such medicines:-

  •  Cynical LC Tablet
  •  Anafortan Tablet


Combiflam is primarily a mixture of two compounds. Paracetamol and Ibuprofen are found in each tablet. The quantity of paracetamol is 325 mg and the amount of ibuprofen is 400 mg.

Side Effects of Combiflam-

Today everyone likes to have some medicines in their home for their convenience, one of which combiflam is also present. People use it according to their needs. But if you have consumed the medicine according to your need and the following things occur in your body, then understand that the side effects of the medicine are being affected in your body.

  •  Pain in the stomach
  •  Coming of rashes on the body
  •  Itching the body
  •  Constipation
  •  Irritability
  •  To vomit
  •  Sir walking
  •  Pain in the head
  •  Sleeping
  • Pleasures

Combiflam Tablet Uses | Combiflam Tablet Benefits And Side Effects | Combiflam Tablet Price
Image of  Combiflam Tablet Uses | Combiflam Tablet Benefits And Side Effects

Market Price-

Available in the tablet and syrup double form in the Combiflam market, you can take it from any medical store near you. It is available in the market at very cheap prices. A leaf of the Combiflam 15 tablet comes and the value of this leaf is approximately Rs 14.


According to the information provided on our site, you should not use it. Before using it, take a doctor's consultation. Because consuming combiflam is sometimes a deadly chase for us. With excessive use of Combiflam, it damages our Leaver and also in many other diseases in our body. Therefore, before using Combiflam, we must consult a good Doctor.

How Combinflame tablet works:-

As we told you that CombifLame is a kind of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug that blocks the action of prostaglandin which is responsible for pain and fever.

Materials of Combifelam tablet-
  •  Ibuprofen 400mg
  •  Paracetamol 325 mg

Interaction of Combiflem:-

If you are taking any other medication with Combifle, then the effect of the Combifle may be affected, due to which either its side effects will increase or it will not work properly. In this situation, you should consult a doctor. The action of combiflame with the following drugs can be affected.

  •  Alcohol
  •  Aspirin
  •  Corticosteroid
  •  Cyclosporin
  •  Thiazides
  •  And Beta-blocker

Frequently asked questions about Combiflem:-

1- Can the combifame tablet be allergic to the tablet?
  • Yes, you can be allergic to using the Combibhem tablet. This can cause swelling in your face, mouth, and throat, red rashes or itching. So if this is happening when you stop using it immediately and contact the doctor.

2- Can pregnant women use CombifLame?
  • No, if pregnant women are suffering from headaches or fever, then they should not use the Combibhlam tablet for the advice of a doctor, as this can have a bad effect on them.

3- Can women use Combiflam during breastfeeding or breastfeeding?
  • No, if there is such a situation then such women should consult your doctor because doing so can lead to the side effects of combifhelm.

4- Can the Combiflam tablet be taken empty stomach?
  • However, it should be taken only after eating the Combiflam, because taking empty stomach can cause stomach upset. If you want to take it empty stomach, contact the doctor and take it according to the instructions given by them.

5- Can the combiflame tablet be used in stomach pain?
  • No, you should not use it in pain related to stomach. In this situation, you should consult a doctor.

6- Does the use of Combiflame lose weight?
  • No, there is no relation to its weight loss. If you feel you are losing weight during your use, then contact the doctor for this.

Combiflam Tablet Uses | Combiflam Tablet Benefits And Side Effects | Combiflam Tablet Price
Image of Combiflam Tablet Uses | Combiflam Tablet Benefits And Side Effects

The dosage and the method of using Combiflam -

Ibuprofen -
Ibuprofen belongs to the group of non-monetary anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). It relieves pain by blocking the production of prostaglandin which is released during the pain in the body.

Paracetamol -

This is the dose of Combiflam given in most cases. Therefore, the dose of Combiflam may vary on the basis of diseases, medicines, patient's medical history, and other factors.

If you suffer from these diseases, do not take Combiflam or be careful -

  •  Asthma
  •  Bleeding
  •  Congestive Heart Failure
  •  High BP
  •  Infection in stomach
  •  Kidney disease
  •  stomach ulcer
  •  Anemia
  •  Drug allergy
  •  Kidney disease
  •  Shock
  •  Liver disease
  •  Drug Allergies
  •  Alcohol addiction
  •  Phenylketonuria
  •  Neutropenia

Frequently Asked Questions about Combiflam -

*  Can Combiflam become habit or addiction?
  • No, you do not get used to it after taking Combiflam.

* Is it safe to drive while driving Combiflam or to operate any large machine?
  • Along with driving, there is a need for vigilance in working between machinery, so you can easily do these tasks by consuming Combiflam.

* Is Combiflam Safe to Take?
  • After using the doctor, eat Combiflam. Well, it's safe. It's safe.

* Can Combiflam be used in the treatment of psychological disorders or mental problems?

  • Combing Combiflam for brain disorders cannot be of any use.

Combiflam's negative effects with food and alcohol -

* Does Combiflam have negative effects by taking with certain foods?
  • Due to the absence of research work, it is difficult to say about combiflam and taking food together.

* When taking a Combiflam, does drinking alcohol have a negative effect?
  • Alcohol and Combiflam have many serious effects in your body. To avoid this, you have to consult a doctor.

What to do if consuming an excessive amount of combiflame -

  • If you have consumed a lot of combifeflame, then contact your doctor immediately because consuming this medication can be a fatal consequence for health.
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