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Due to the weakness of the heart. Heart defenses

Due to the weakness of the heart. Heart defenses
Due to the weakness of the heart. Heart defenses

Heart weakness (cardiomyopathy)

What is the cardiomyopathy of the heart?

Cardiomyopathy is a heart disease of the muscles that do not cause blood in our whole body. Cardiomyopathy may have a heart attack. It is called simple language weakness.

These are mainly of three types - "Dialed", "Hypertrophic" and "Restrictive Cardiomyopathy" are treated with medicines, surgery done by the body in the body and a very serious problem of heart transplantation. Heart transplant depends on what type of cardiomyopathy you are and how severe it is.

Types of Cardiomyopathy-

How many types of cardiomyopathy are there?

Types of Cardiomyopathy:

* Dilated cardiomyopathy

  • In this type of cardiomyopathy, the "left ventricle" of the heart grows in size and can not transmit blood in a manner.

  • These disorders can happen to anyone, but these are mainly in the middle-aged people. These diseases are more likely to be men. The most common cause of dialed cardiomyopathy is to have a heart attack or coronary artery disease.

* Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy

  • In this type of cardiomyopathy, your heart muscles become thick, which affects your heart's main blood transfusion center (left ventricle). With the heart muscles becoming thick, they can not do it in their own way.

  • Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy can occur at any age but if this condition comes into childhood then a very serious problem arises. In many patients, this problem is family-safe and some genetic mutations can also have hypertrophic cardiomyopathy.

* Restrictive Cardiomyopathy

  • In this type of cardiomyopathy, the muscles are not normal and become strident. Because of this, the muscles can not spread and blood is not filled in these muscles in the time between heartbeats. These types of people are seen in very few people but this is mostly a problem happening in the elderly.

  • Restrictive cardiomyopathy can occur without any reason, or if there is any other disease in the body which has an effect on the heart such that iron is collected in the muscles of the heart, this can also cause reactive cardiomyopathy.

* Arrhythmogenic right ventricular dysplasia

  • This kind of cardiomyopathy is very rare. In the lower part of the heart, right muscles of the ventricle change from "scar tissue" (a layer of skin on the wound after injury). Because of this not beating heart. This disease is caused by genetic mutation.

* Unclassified Cardiomyopathy

  • Other types of cardiomyopathy come in this category.

Due to the weakness of the heart. Heart defenses
Due to the weakness of the heart. Heart defenses

Symptoms of Cardiomyopathy -

What are the symptoms of heart weakness?

In the early stages of cardiomyopathy, symptoms are not necessary. But as the problem becomes serious, the symptoms begin to appear. The symptoms of heart weakness are as follows:

  •  Over-riding or breathing even while relaxing
  •  Swelling of the lips, ankles, and feet
  •  Feeling exhausted
  •  Heartbeat beats very fast
  •  Feeling stressed on chest
  •  Dizziness and fainting
  •  Flatulence of accumulation of fluid in the stomach
  •  Coughing while lying down

Due to the weakness of the heart -

Why is the heart weak?

Often, the reason for the heart's weakness is not known. In some people, it may be due to some other problem or it has come from children with their parents.

The factors contributing to the following cardiomyopathy are:

  •  Having a problem of high BP for a long time
  •  Heart loss of heart cells due to a heart attack
  •  Beating heartbeat for a long time
  •  Problems related to heart valves
  •  Problems related to digestion such as obesity, thyroid, and diabetes
  •  Lack of vitamins and minerals required in the body such as Vitamin B1
  •  Difficulties during pregnancy
  •  Too much alcohol consumption for many years
  •  Cocaine, "amphetamine" (medicines offered in mental illness, should not be taken without saying the doctor) or "Anabolic Steroids" (medicines are taken to repair digestion)
  •  Chemotherapy medicines and radiation is taken to repair cancer
  •  Infections that feel burning in the heart
  •  Iron deposits in the heart muscles called hemochromatosis
  •  Feeling burning in the heart and other organs and increasing tissue flakes
  •  Increasing abnormal proteins, called amyloidosis
  •  Connective tissue disorder

Why do the feelings of weakness increase due to the heart?

The following things increase the risk of cardiomyopathy. like:

  •  If someone has this disease in the family
  •  High BP for a long time
  •  Factors affecting the heart such as a heart attack, artery disease or any infection in the heart.
  •  Obesity, through which heart work becomes difficult
  •  Liquor addiction for a long time
  •  Drugs consumed, such as cocaine, amphetamine, and anabolic steroids
  •  Some Chemotherapy Medicines and Radiation Therapy for Cancer
  •  Diabetes, working less or better with the thyroid gland, or a disorder that begins to accumulate more amounts of iron in the body.
  •  Other disorders related to the heart include increased abnormal protein (amyloidosis), feeling burning in the heart and other organs and tissues
  •  Fluctuations (sarcoidosis) or connective tissue disorder

Rescue from the heart weakness -

How to Avoid Cardiomyopathy?

Cardiomyopathy cannot be avoided in many cases. If your family has this problem in advance, tell your doctor about it.

You can reduce your chances of having heart defects and other cardiovascular diseases by choosing a healthy lifestyle. You can do the following things in your routine:

  •  Do not eat cocaine and alcohol
  •  Reduce high BP, high cholesterol, and diabetes
  •  Eat a balanced diet
  •  Exercise daily
  •  Complete sleep
  •  Do not stay in stress

Due to the weakness of the heart. Heart defenses
Due to the weakness of the heart. Heart defenses

Investigation of the heart's weakness -

How is cardiomyopathy tested?

  • Your doctor will do your physical examination, check the medical condition of you and your family, and ask you when do you see symptoms of heartburn? As such, if you have symptoms when exercising, tell your doctor. If your doctor thinks you have cardiomyopathy, then he will do the following test:

chest X-ray -

  • The chest X-ray shows whether your heart has increased or not.

Echocardiogram -

  • The echocardiogram sends the waves of sound, which makes their image collide with the heart. It reveals the size of the heart and the rest of the activities. This test checks your heart valves and looks for the cause of your symptoms.


  • In this test no instrument is inserted in your body, the doctor puts an electrode patch on your body, which shows the electrical rays emitting from your heart. The ECG shows that there is some abnormality in the electrical activities of your heart or not. The ECG gets to know about your unusual heartbeat and if any part is hurt, then it is known.

Treadmill Stress Test-

  • When you walk on the treadmill, your heartbeat, BP and breathing speed are detected. To see your doctor's symptoms, to see your ability to exercise and to see if exercising, your heartbeats are not unusual, doctors can test them.

Cardiac catheterization -

  • By inserting a thin hose in the middle of the thigh and abdomen, it is brought from between the blood vessels to the heart. The doctor can send a small piece of meat from your heart to the laboratory for examination (biopsy). The doctor can check the swelling between the 4 areas of your heart, which can tell you how fast your heart is sending blood to the rest of the body.

  • Doctors may insert dye in your blood vessels so that their diagram shows in X-rays (coronary angiography). This test is done so that you can know that there is no obstruction in your blood vessels.

Cardiac MRI-

  • In this test, your heart image is made using magnetic fields and radio rays. If the images obtained from echocardiogram do not help much in testing, then your doctor can do eMacardiography as well as MRI.

Cardiac CT scan-

  • You are lying in a donut-shaped machine. An X-ray tube present inside the machine revolves around your body and gathers pictures of your heart and chest. This ensures the size and heart valve of your heart.

Blood Test -

  • Several blood tests are performed to treat cardiomyopathy. Those blood tests are done to check your kidneys, thyroid, and liver.

  • A blood test can measure "B-type narrative peptide", it is a protein that is formed in your heart. The amount of BNP can be higher in blood when you have a heart attack which is a common complication of cardiomyopathy.

Genetic testing or screening-

Children with cardiomyopathy may also come in. Consult your doctor about genetic testing. They can detect this disease by genetic testing of your parents, siblings, and children.

Due to the weakness of the heart. Heart defenses
Due to the weakness of the heart. Heart defenses

Treatment of Heart Depression -

What is the treatment of cardiomyopathy in the heart?

Cardiomyopathy is used to cure symptoms that are visible in your body. This protects your condition from further impairment and reduces the chances of complications. Its treatment depends on the type of your cardiomyopathy.

1. Medicines -

  • Your doctor will increase your ability to pump your heart's blood, to repair blood flow, to reduce BP, to normalize the heartbeat, to extract fluid in the body and to The blood clots give medicines to freeze.

  • Talk to your doctor about other problems with these medicines.

2. Treatments are done without surgery

  • There are treatments to cure cardiomyopathy without surgery:

* "Septal ablation" -

  • In a small part of the heart muscle of the heart, the catheter is inserted by the arteries by the artery, causing it to perish. By doing so, blood flow starts in that part of the heart.

* "RadioFrequency Ablation" -

  • In order to cure abnormal heartbeat, the doctor puts a catheter from your blood vessels to your heart. Electrodes on the catheter destroy abnormal heartbeat cells.

3. Surgery -

* "Seattle Mayekoomi" -
  • This is an "open-heart surgery". In this, your doctor removes the bloated muscle (septum) that separates the heart's ventricles. By doing so, the flow of blood gets better beforehand and the blood is not even on the back when the valve closes quickly.

* heart transplant-

  • If your heart is in the final state of failure and no treatment is effective, then your doctor gives your heart transplantation.

More New Information:-  

4. Instruments put in the body by surgery -

Many types of instruments can be inserted into the body to improve its motifs and to correct the symptoms of cardiomyopathy.

* "Implantable cardioverter-defibrillator"

  • This device looks at your heartbeats and gives Elliptic shocks when the heartbeat becomes abnormal. ICD does not treat cardiomyopathy but takes special care of abnormal heartbeat which is the main complexity of this disease.

* "Ventricular Assist Device" -

  • It transmits blood in your heart. VAD is required when normal treatment does not work. VAD is used until the heart transplantation.

* Pacemaker -

  • This small device is placed under the chest or stomach skin. It controls "Ardadmium" to send electrical impulses.

Complications of cardiomyopathy -

What other problems can be due to weakness in the heart?

* Heart attack hap -

  • Your heart is not able to pump your heart according to your body's needs. A heart attack can be risky if it is not treated.

* Valve problem -

  • Due to cardiomyopathy, your heart gets bigger in size, due to which the heart valves cannot be stopped. For this reason, the flow of blood goes past.

* Blood clots -

  • Due to not being able to pump your heart in a bloody manner, blood clots can form in your heart. If these clots come in your bloodstream, they can prevent the flow of blood from going into other organs such as the brain and heart.

* Due to being cardiac arrest due to death-

  • The heartbeat may be abnormal due to cardiomyopathy. This may lead to unconsciousness and may be sudden death due to heart failure in some cases.

Heart Disease (Cardiomyopathy) Medicine -

A lot of medicines are available for the heart's weakness (cardiomyopathy). All these medicines are given below. But keep in mind that without consulting the doctor, please do not take any medicines. By taking medicines without the advice of a doctor, your health can be serious.
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The cause of obesity increases | Obesity, treatment | Symptoms of obesity?

The cause of obesity increases  Obesity, treatment  Symptoms of obesity
The cause of obesity increases  Obesity, treatment  Symptoms of obesity


Negligence in today's busy lifestyle, stress and eating habits is becoming the cause of obesity, which is the most important reason for weight gain. These days it is becoming a common problem. In India, almost every household is suffering from this disease. Many times more weight can also embarrass you. Not only that, obesity also leads to many other serious health problems. It is clear that obesity is not helpful in any way but it is harmful to our health.

Symptoms of Obesity -

Obesity affects your body as well as you. You feel that having a thicker layer on your skin is not a big thing, but there are many serious consequences, such as breathing and sweating, doing more or less sleep, walking a little But breathing in the breath, or breathing fast, swelling in different parts of the body, fat burning in the various parts of the body, mental and psychological symptoms such as self esteem , Symptoms can be seen as lacking in confidence. Apart from this obesity increases the likelihood of type 2 diabetes. It also increases the chances of getting heart disease. Some other issues like reduction of arthritis and vitality are also a result of obesity.

Obesity Reasons and Risk Factors -

  •  Obesity is the reason for eating
  •  The cause of obesity is increased eating food
  •  Obesity is the reason for the growth is not sufficiently active
  •  The cause of obesity is not enough sleep
  •  The cause of weight gain is a metabolic system
  •  The cause of weight gain is disease or medicine.

 Obesity may cause heredity -

The cause of obesity is more food >

  • Eating large and heavy quantities increases weight. Often eating dessert and heavy foods, it affects the digestive system and weight gain in large amounts. It is also known for imbalance fire.

Obesity is the cause of increased eating habits>

  • Much more dry, spicy and oil intake of food consumes food intake which increases the digestive power (fire). Food items which remain high in sugar content also increase cough defects. These foods lead to accumulation of fat in the body and cause obesity.

The reason for the increase of obesity is not sufficiently active>

  • Always lying on the couch is not good in any way for your weight loss goal. Not enough ways to stay active and not doing exercises is one of the main reasons for obesity. You need to be dynamic to get your body healthy and in shape.

The cause of obesity is not enough sleep>

  • Taking adequate sleep or sleeping over need leads to obesity. Your body is not able to burn calories properly if you do not take at least 7-8 hours of sleep in one day. Alternatively, taking too much sleep leads to the problem of inactivity and slow metabolism.

The cause of weight gain is metabolic system>

  • Each person's metabolic system works in a unique way. Some have a skilled and fast-acting metabolic system that does not accumulate fat, while some perform slow work, which leads to weight gain.

The cause of weight gain is disease or medicine>

  • Sometimes a person suffers from a certain disease, whose side effects are obesity. Some medicines play an important role in shaping your weight. These are not one of the most common reasons for weight gain, but in some cases, this happens.

The cause of obesity can be heredity>

  • Occasionally, genetics and heredity play a major role in deciding whether a person will be a victim of obesity or not. Such cases are rare.

The cause of obesity increases | Obesity, treatment | Symptoms of obesity?
The cause of obesity increases | Obesity, treatment | Symptoms of obesity?

Obesity's Risk Factors-

Obesity is often combined with the following reasons and factors. Which includes the following -

  •  Genetic - It depends on your ancestry, how efficiently your body transforms food into energy, and how many calories it decreases during exercise.

  •  Family lifestyle - comes from the previous generation in the obesity family. If the mother or father or both have obesity, then the risk of becoming obese increases.

  •  Staying inactive - If you are not active, you will not be able to reduce as many calories as you want. Because of this kind of motionless lifestyle, you will need to take more calories than you need to reduce your exercise.

  •  Unhealthy diet - Diet, and beverages, which are lacking in fruits and vegetables, are full of calories, they can make you fat. Obesity is also due to excessive eating.

  •  Medical problems - Arthritis also decreases the activity of the body, due to which obesity increases.

  •  Some medicines - if you do not bring changes in diet and hygiene along with taking medicines, then your weight may increase. Medicines such as -

  •  Antidepressants >
  •  Antisyazer medicines >
  •  Sugar medicines >
  •  Antipsychotic medicines 
  •  Steroids >
  •  Beta Blockers > 

  • Age - Obesity can occur at any age. But as soon as your age increases, hormonal changes and less active lifestyle increase the risk of your obesity.

  •  Pregnancy - During pregnancy, the weight of women increases. After having a baby, some women have difficulty reducing weight. Due to the increased weight, women may have obesity.

  • Lack of sleep - by not taking enough sleep or taking more sleep, hormonal changes occur, which increases appetite.

Obesity Rescue -

Many people are suffering from obesity. There are many reasons for obesity, such as heavy and sweet foods, excessive eating, a decrease in physical exercise etc. If you want to lose weight then you will need to make some changes in your lifestyle. These healthy changes will help reduce your obesity problem.

  •  Do not eat to reduce obesity
  •  Eat less for weight loss
  •  Exercise to reduce belly
  •  Appropriate sleep is an easy way to reduce fat

The cause of obesity increases | Obesity, treatment | Symptoms of obesity?
The cause of obesity increases | Obesity, treatment | Symptoms of obesity?

Do not eat to reduce obesity -

To avoid this problem, do not consume heavy, cold and sweet food as much as possible. If sugar is harmful to this problem then you can use honey instead of sugar. You start your day with a glass of hot water. Hot water will be great for you. If you want, add lemon juice and ginger paste in hot water, which will help your metabolic system work properly. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables but do not consume too much-uncooked vegetables. Sprouted grains will be great for you. You should consume 2-3 cups of green tea every day. Hot milk is good for you but avoid consuming milk products like cheese and butter. Avoid using cold drinks and drink hot drinks like tea and coffee. Because according to Ayurveda, increase in cough defects increases obesity, so do not consume foods that increase a cough.

Eat less to lose weight -

Eat fewer meals on the plate to eat food. If you want to eat more then take it again, thus you can avoid eating too much. You can eat a little bit at regular intervals. You make sure that you eat food at the same time every day. This will be very good for your routine and will control your weight. Avoid eating junk food and eat nuts in snacks.

Exercise to reduce stomach -

One of the main reasons for weight gain is also lack of physical activity. So stop yourself from being lazy and sluggish and start exercising. It's a good way for you to walk fast or to run. You can start with a light exercise and raise your level according to your body's ability. Fat tissue burns due to workouts. It also helps to release endorphins in your body that reduce stress. This ensures that you do not eat more food because of stress.

Appropriate sleep is an easy way to reduce fat -

If you do not sleep for 7-8 hours on a daily basis, then your body and mind are not refreshed and you go through a problem like stress. You eat more in stress than fat increases. On the other hand, if you sleep more than you need, your body does not have sufficient physical activity and your metabolism becomes slow. So take proper sleep and apply sleep around the same time every day. Go to bed early and get up early. This routine will make you healthy from the inside.

Obesity test -

How to diagnose obesity?

If your body mass index falls into the category of obesity, then the doctor will check your health history. He will do your physical examination and suggest some tests.

The tests include>

1.  To check your health history - Doctor >

  •  Weight history
  •  Attempts to reduce weight
  •  The habit of exercise
  •  eating patterns
  •  Any medicine that you have been taking for a long time
  •  stress level
  •  And other health problems.

The doctor can also check the health history of your family.

2. General Body Testing - In this, your length is measured. And your important signals are examined. Such as >

  •  Heart rate
  •  BP
  •  body temperature
  •  Checking the stomach

3. Calculating your BMI - The doctor can calculate your BMI to know the level of your obesity.

4. Measuring the perimeter of your waist - The fat accumulated around the waist which is called stomach fat. It can increase the risk of many diseases. Such as - diabetes and heart disease.

5. Blood tests - Blood tests suggested by the doctor depending on your health, risk factors and the symptoms you are experiencing. The doctor can suggest you the following tests >

  •  Testing of cholesterol
  •  Testing of kidneys
  •  Fasting glucose
  •  Testing of thyroid
  •  Electrocardiogram and others

The cause of obesity increases | Obesity, treatment | Symptoms of obesity?
The cause of obesity increases | Obesity, treatment | Symptoms of obesity?

Treatment of obesity -

How is obesity treated?

The goal of treating obesity is to reach and stay at a healthy weight. You may have to work with a team of doctors - a dietician, behavior consultant or obese specialist to understand and change your eating habits and physical activity habits. All weight loss programs require an increase in your eating habits and physical activity.  Other treatment tools include dietary changes, exercise, and physical activity.

Change in diet -

  •  It is important to reduce calorie intake and to eat healthy food in overcoming obesity. You might want to lose weight fast, but it is better for health to reduce weight gradually. Doing so will reduce the chances of weight gain. (Read more - Diet Tips for Weight Loss)

  •  Avoid unreal diet changes, such as Crash Diet, because they weaken your immune system and increase the risk of dehydration in you.

  •  Continue the weight loss program for a minimum of 6 months and keep the program maintenance phase for at least one year for good results.

  •  Choose a diet plan that includes a healthy diet, which you think will work for you. Include the following things in dietary changes to treat obesity

  •  Reducing calories - You can reduce your weight by lowering your calorie intake. You and your doctor can monitor your eating and drinking habits, how much calories you are usually taking, and you can cut down. You and your doctor can decide how much calories you need to take each day to lose weight.

  •  There is a normal amount of 1,200 to 1,500 calories for women and 1500 to 1800 calories for males.

  •  Fill up full stomach - by eating low-calorie foods in large part, you can reduce the pain of hunger.

  •  Make healthy choices - Eat fruits, vegetables, and whole grains carbohydrate to make your whole diet healthy. Also emphasize sources like proteins like pulses, soya and meat (non-fat). If you like to fish, try adding fish twice a week. Reduce the amount of salt and sugar. Eat low-fat dairy products. Eat small amounts of fat and ensure they come from heart-healthy sources, such as olive, canola and walnut oil.

  •  Limiting some foods - Some diets limit the amount of a special food group, such as high carbohydrate or full-fat foods. Ask the doctor what diet plans are effective, which can be helpful for you. By drinking sweet beverages, you will consume more calories, and it is a good start to limit or completely eliminate these drinks.

  •  Replacement of food - You can replace one or two of your diet with calorie shake or mile bar. Take a small number of calories and fat in your third diet.

Exercise and activity-

Physical activity or exercise is an essential part of the treatment of obesity. Most people who are able to maintain their reduced weight for more than a year, they exercise regularly, which includes only walking.

To boost your activity level:

  •  Exercise - People with overweight or obese need at least 150 minutes of medium-intensity physical activity to lose weight or to reduce the amount of normal weight. For more weight loss, you may need to exercise 300 minutes or more a week, you gradually increase the amount of your exercise because it can improve your endurance and fitness.

  •  Aerobic exercise - Regular aerobic exercise is the most effective method of reducing calories and reducing excess weight. Making simple changes during your day can make a big profit.

Common weight loss surgery includes:

  •  Gastric Bypass Surgery >
  •  Laparoscopic Adjustable Gastric Banding (LAGB) >
  •  Biliopancreatic Diversions with duodenal switches >
  •  Gastric sleeve >

Obesity complications -

Obesity Other Diseases?

If you are obese, you are likely to have many serious health problems, including:

  •  High cholesterol
  •  sugar
  •  High BP
  •  heart disease
  •  Stroke
  •  breathing problem
  •  Problems with gynecological diseases such as: Infertility and irregular menstruation
  •  Erectile Dysfunction and Other Sexual Health Problems
  •  Fatty liver
  • Osteoarthritis

Obesity Medicine -

There are many medicines available for obesity. All these medicines are given below. But keep in mind that without consulting the doctor, please do not take any medicines. By taking medicines without the advice of a doctor, your health can be seriously damaged.

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