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Wednesday, August 1, 2018

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Before eating fruit, see if it benefits or is worthless

The best natural source of vitamins is considered to be fruit. The whole development of the body occurs only when there is sufficient intake of protein and vitamin supplements along with a balanced diet.

Before eating fruit, see if it benefits or is worthless
Before eating fruit, see if it benefits or is worthless

This strengthens the body's immune system. By adding the fruit to balanced meals, our diet becomes complete. The whole diet alone prevents the most serious diseases. The best natural source of vitamins is considered to be fruit.

It is said that those who take adequate fruits and vegetables do not have any complaint of high blood pressure.

Fruits and vegetables are so beneficial because they contain unique mixture of antioxidants, levonad, vitamins, minerals, phyto chemicals and many other very nutritious nutrients present in the form. The fruit helps in losing weight.

Some people eat fruits with food, which is not considered correct according to Ayurveda. The reason for this is that the mechanism of digestion of carbohydrate and proteins is different.

The carbohydrate digestive slivo works in the enzyme alkaline medium, whereas in citrus fruits lemon, orange, pineapple, acid is high, meaning that these fruits are acidic. If both of them are eaten together, the digestive process of carbohydrate and starch becomes slow.

It can cause constipation, diarrhea or indigestion. By the way, digestion of fruits only takes two hours, while it takes four to five hours to digest food. In such a way, by eating fruits with food, the speed of digestion is slow and fat increases.

Before eating fruit, see if it benefits or is worthless
Before eating fruit, see if it benefits or is worthless

Banana has many benefits =

1. It is very beneficial to make your health good, bananas are rich in potassium and fiber, help prevent asthma, cancer, hypertension, diabetes, heart disease and digestive problems.

2. banana increases your body energy, keeps your body away from diseases, eating your bananas increases your weight. If you become ill, then Dr. also advises you to eat banana because of banana consumption Your body gets potassium and fiber.

3. Most of the bananas are consumed with milk and raw bananas should not be eaten, because eating raw bananas can harm you, such as pain in the stomach, constipation, etc. may be known, let's know Banana ke fayde -

4. If weighing about one banana is considered as 126 grams, banana contains about 110 calories, 30 grams of carbohydrate and 1 gram protein.

5. Consumption of bananas keeps your heart healthy, bananas contain potassium which makes your heart healthy and also many proteins and vitamins are found in Banana, which is essential for your health, hence daily consumption of bananas Karo who protects you from dangerous diseases such as heart attack.

6. If you go to the gym or do exercise, then the banana is very beneficial for you, after doing gym or exercising, bananas should be consumed daily with milk. Because your body gets strength from banana, your body gets plenty of magnesium and potassium, which helps you exercise and gym.

7. Winter season is banana, which are made in this season are natural, but nowadays due to the fact that every season is being stored, they should be stored in non-manner and cooked in every season with the help of carbon or ice. That is why banana is available for 12 months now but due to bad season banana, your health can also be bad, so eat banana much more in the winter, because your health will be the most beneficial in the winter.

8. People throw banana peels, but there is a lot of protein in the banana peel. Banana peels also benefit from such research that boiled the banana peel in hot water and drinking that water gives your health a lot of benefit. Banana peels are also applied to the burnt spot, putting on the burnt wounds gives you coolness.

9. bananas are also beneficial for weight gain, bananas should eat at least 3 bananas in the daily breakfast. If you do gym or if you exaggerate fat, then eat 8 to 10 bananas everyday. And if the gym does not do, then 2 bananas are served daily. Banana is also rich in calories that is beneficial for your weight gain.

10. bananas can be eaten even after eating, because the banana helps you digest food and if you get irritable in your stomach then it also removes your stomach burning sensation.

11. Banana is also beneficial for the eyes Banana contains Vitamin A which is very important for eyes. Banana consumption increases your eyesight and it keeps away the problems in the eyes so that at least 3 bananas should be consumed everyday. Read more: How can you take care of your eyes

12. is also very beneficial for ulcer disease, due to ulcer disease, the germs are produced in your stomach, banana eliminates all the ulcer's germs and consuming bananas reduces the risk of ulcers. | Banana eliminates the anemia disease and keeps the amount of hemoglobin right in your body. Banana keeps you away from the danger of anemia and keeps you healthy.

13. Can use bananas even when there is a blister, make a mixture of honey and yogurt mixed with banana and by eating that mixture, the bark gets corrected. And by eating this mixture, your digestion process is also right.

14. Dr. also advises to take banana in pregnancy, so that pregnant women should also take bananas. But eat banana in regular quantities. By drinking banana shake, your blood pressure remains in control.

Before eating fruit, see if it benefits or is worthless
Before eating fruit, see if it benefits or is worthless

Things to keep in mind - =

1. Do not overuse  banana. Causes of excessive banana can cause constipation and stomachache in your stomach.

2. If you go to the gym then eat only 8 to 10 bananas daily. That's not it!

3. Do not eat more than 3 or 4 bananas daily.

4. If you complain of septic or asthma, then take a lot of banana intake.

5. If you are sick, take the advice of Dr. and take banana.

Bananas provide different types of vitamins and minerals

* Vitamin B6 - 0.5 mg

* Manganese - 0.3 mg

* Vitamin C - 9 mg

* Potassium - 450 mg

* Dietary Fiber - 3g

* Protein - 1 g

* Magnesium - 34 mg

* Falat - 25.0 mcg

* Riboflavin - 0.1 mg

* Niacin - 0.8 mg

* Vitamin A - 81 IU

* Iron - 0.3 mg

The amount of potassium for adults or the elderly should be approximately 4,700 milligrams per day.

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 Know the advantages and disadvantages of drinking tea

 If you are passionate about drinking tea and start a day with a cup of hot hot tea then read this post carefully, because tea can damage your body due to bad intake.

 Know the advantages and disadvantages of drinking tea
 Know the advantages and disadvantages of drinking tea

* As we all know, drinking tea is mostly part of the daily routine. In India 80 to 90 percent of people But according to some studies drinking empty stomach tea is a great loss for health,

* Tea is especially damaged in the summer In fact, tea is a medicinal plant, which is taken in a limited amount, like medicine, by the advice of a specialist. It is not for drinking daily. This is beneficial

* Tea is beneficial for cold weather and people living in a cold environment. In this post, we will tell you some home remedies made tea leaf, the right way to drink and drink tea, the benefits of drinking tea and drinking tea

Loss of drinking tea = 

* Tea increases acidity in the stomach. The tea spoils the intestine and the stomach. Excessive tea consumption can cause ulcer in the stomach.

* Drinking empty stomach tea spoils while sleeping.

* Drinking more of the heartbeat

* The main disadvantage of drinking tea is that it prevents iron (iron) from absorbing blood, which reduces iron in the blood. In particular, vegetarians, pregnancy, anemia (blood loss disease) are more affected because their blood is already lacking iron.

* The lack of iron in the blood can cause fatigue and disease resistance.

* A cup of tea contains 4 grams of tannin which acts as harmful acid in your body.

* If you keep a cup of tea for two hours and after seeing its condition then you will change the color of tea and black tea will be under the nicotine layer above it. This condition of tea

* If you look at the tea layer by putting the tea layer on it, it will find that it is thick and thick that sticks in the intestine and causes disorders.

* Tea is harmed every day after drinking tea It reduces digestibility And reduces blood in the body

* Drinking more tea leaves (strong tea) increases the risk of getting stomach ulcers. Drink strong tea is suspected to be used.

* Do not drink tea again and again

* For patients of insomnia and depression, tea is more harmful. Because drinking tea reduces sleepiness.

* Caffeine- 'Caffeine' found in tea, coffee makes some sense of energy in the body for some time, but after some time it reduces the ability to work in the person. Three cups of coffee and 350 mg in a cup of tea Caffeine occurs and consuming caffeine in such a quantity can increase the stress in the person as well as decrease the ability to concentrate.

* The more you drink the tea, the sugar in the tea will also go into your body which can make you fat

* Bone, joint pain - excessive intake of tea can lead to pain in the joints of the bones, pimples of teeth, depression and stress.

* One cup of tea contains 13 PPM fluoride, whereas according to the World Health Organization 1.5 ppm fluoride is appropriate.

* Complaining about pain, weakness, etc. in bone joints with excessive intake of fluorosis is common. The high amount of fluoride deposits around the red blood cells in the body does not allow the delivery of oxygen in the right way. Fatigue of oxygen deficiency in these granules is the primary stage.

* Slowly the fluoride carries the bones, causing joint pain. Many times fluoride enters the kidney, causing problems in reducing urine.

* Treating fluorosis disease in children upto 12 years old. Vitamin C and D are most effective in fluorosis.

* Not to be hungry- By boiling tea for a long time, it produces chemicals called tannin which deposits on the inner wall of the stomach, causing hunger to stop.

* Tea increases Uric acid in urine. Arthritis, swelling of joints increases with uric acid Therefore, the sick patients should not drink tea. Find Anger Drink Instead of It

 Know the advantages and disadvantages of drinking tea
 Know the advantages and disadvantages of drinking tea

Benefits of tea =

* Diarrhea - Grind each teaspoon tea leaf and fourth spoon of salt and take three parts of it with warm water three times a day. Doing so will help in the churning by having a jerk with pain.

* Shine in hair - Keeping Shampoo in the hair for a long time increases the Russian rather than decreasing. Hair washing with tea water stops hair fall. Boil the tea leaf and filter it and keep it in the fridge. After washing the hair, apply this water in the hair as a conditioner, it will increase the hair glow.

* Cholesterol-tea reduces cholesterol in blood. Laxity is removed for some time from caffeine present in tea.

* Eating tea in low blood pressure gives little benefit, because this leads to high blood pressure.

* Drinking tea reduces the infection in your body. Tea also provides relief from common diseases like cold winter cold fever.

* When the skin is scorched in the sun, then that part of the skin is applied to tea leaves, then the burning of the sun burns.

Home use of tea =

* Mix a little lime in the wet husk of tea and then rub it on the mirrors and after some time drying with dry cloth comes the shine.

* One of the remaining leaves of tea is cleaned by rubbing on a utensil powder by mixing a pot of washing utensils.

* Boil the tea leaves in the water for a few hours by boiling them in the vial. The slurry will work well to clean varnish furniture, doors etc.

* Rubbing the boiled tea leaves on wooden furniture, the scum of furniture gets out.

* There is a good compost for sugar leaf tea leaves without use.

* If your kitchen becomes fly-mosquito, then after making tea, put the tea leaf in the fireplace and wash it in the kitchen.

* If a worm is cut, then putting tea leaves on that part does not cause swelling and rashes.

* Keeping the machis in the tea leaf box in the rain does not get sealed.

* If your feet smell, then keep your feet dipped in tea leaf water for some time.

 Know the advantages and disadvantages of drinking tea
 Know the advantages and disadvantages of drinking tea

Method of making tea-

Most people boil tea, milk and sugars in the required quantities, then boil and filter again. Tea made in this way causes great harm.

The right method for making tea - First, boil them with the required quantity of water, milk and sugars. When it starts boiling, take down the required amount of tea leaves and keep it covered for eight minutes.

Masala Tea Recipe - Ginger, Mint, Stem, Black Pepper, Clove, Cardamom can also be added to make tea more delicious. Drink basil leaves mixed with tea and drink relief from cough in the winter.

After that, take some breakfast and drink. The tea formed in this way is less damaged for the body.

Keep in mind before drinking tea-

If you want to drink tea then do not drink more than 1 or 2 times and never drink it empty stomach.

Tea should never be consumed in a plastic made plastic glass. Because the temperature of the hot tea is very high, so that the harmful particles of plastic are mixed in the tea and enter your body directly, causing cancer Just like a deadly disease can happen.

Read this to know more =

To remove the side effects of tea, drink a cup of tea and drink five cups of water after a while.

More hot tea can damage the throat tissue.

Tea contains Tannin which inhibits the digestion of Iron in the body. So drink tea after two hours of taking things like iron stuff such as green vegetables, fruits and fermented medicines.

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The advantages and disadvantages of eating chikoo 

Chiku is a common fruit in India that you will find at every store. It is sweet in taste. It is found in many countries, besides Chiku is also used in making Chewing Gum. Cheeku seeds are like beans. It takes at least 5 to 8 years to become a chiku plant. Chikkoo Khayen Ke Fayde Aur Nuksaan

Its fruit is like the fruit of Kiwi. Chiku tree has two times the effect of cucumber in the year.  Today in this article we will tell you about the advantages and disadvantages of eating different types of kamuk and chikoo

The advantages and disadvantages of eating chikoo
The advantages and disadvantages of eating chikoo

Types of creams =

There are several types of chikoo which we are telling you below.

1 brown sugar

Brown sugar extract was introduced in 1948. It ranges from 2 to 2.5 inches and it is brown.

2 Prolific

This specimen was introduced in 1951, which is of Cone Shape. It is brown in color and pink in color from the inside. Its taste is sweet and its smell is sharp. It ranges from about 2.5 to 3.5 inches and its quality is very good.

3 Russell

This chikoo was introduced in 1935 and it is the oldest member of the khaku family. It ranges from about 3 inches to 5 and its flavor is sweeter than all other peaches.

4 Tikal

It is also a type of leech that tastes very good and it is egg-shaped and its skin color is light brown.

Nutrients in scalp = 

* Energy = 83 Kcal

* Fat = 1.10 G

* Carb = 19.9 g

* Protein = 0.44 g

* Fiber = 5.3 G

Vitamin List =

* Vitamin A = 60 IU

* Vitamin C = 14.7 Mg

* Folates = 14 mg

* Niacin (B3) = 0.2 G

* Thiamin (B1) = 0.058 G

* Riboflavin (B2) = 0.02 g

* Pantothenic Acid (B5) = 0.252 G

* Pyridoxine (B6) = 0.037 G

The advantages and disadvantages of eating chikoo
The advantages and disadvantages of eating chikoo

Minerals =

* Calcium = 21 mg

* Copper = 0.086 Mg

* Magnesium = 12 mg

* Iron = 0.8 mg

* Phosphorus = 12 mg

* Selenium = 0.6 mg

* Zinc = 0.1 g

Electrolyte = 

* Sodium = 12 mg

* Potassium = 193 mg

* Lipids = NA

* Saturated Fatty Acid = 0.33 G

* Monounsaturated Fatty Acids = 0.89 g

* Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids = 0.02 G

Benefits of eating chikoo = 

1. There is a lot of fiber in chiko which has a laxative effect. By eating chikoo, your constipation complaint will be removed and your digestion system will also get better.

2.  helps protect against illness such as colon cancer, oral cavity, and lung cancer. Fiber present in the scalp keeps our brains away from cancer-like diseases.

3.  Chikukas contain things like Vitamins Minerals and Sugar such as sucrose and Fructose which provide energy to us and protect our body from things like free radicals. Vitamin A is rich in abundance, which is very good for our eyes and skin health.

4.  Tanning is done in the stomach which works like a medicine and it is a very good fruit for hemorrhoids.

5.  It also helps in removing inflammation, for that you heat the leaves of the gram in water and then remove the leaves and drink this water and also garlands with it.

6.  Chicho contains Haemostatic quality which eliminates the loss of blood due to hemorrhoid and lack of blood due to injection.

7.  It is also very good for cough and grief and it works like a medicine.

8.  Acne works like Sedative Medicine, which means that it helps to relieve stress in your body and relax you, helps you to cure insomnia, Anxiety and Panic disorders. It also improves your Mental Health.

9. There are good quantities of Latex in chiko, which helps you increase the help of dental help.

10.  Folic Acids is a very good amount of acetic acid, which helps in increasing our Red Blood Cells and besides it is also very beneficial in pregnancy.

11.  peach paste prevents fruits and plants from molding.

12.  This is a fruit that you can eat with its skin, and its skin helps you keep yourself healthy.

13.  Cucumber contains good amount of Potassium, which regulates your blood pressure and blood circulation.

14.  Water Retention is not made in your body with the help of this and the amount of water in your body is correct.

15.  It helps to remove toxins from our body and eating lemon sticks helps you to remove kidney and bladder stones.

16.  By making a paste of lemon seeds, you can apply it to a chopped bite, it is a very good home remedy.

Use of creak = 

1.  chaku can be used for hair and skin.

2. . Keep your hair healthy by eating chikoo.

3.  Dandruff gets cured by applying the paste made from the seeds of acacia seeds.

4.  Applying the oil extracted from the seeds of the peanut in the head leads to stubbornness of the hair.

5.  Vitamins found in scalp keeps your skin moisturizer.

6. Antioxidants found in scalp help you to get older before aging and reduce

7.  Regular knife helps you get rid of viral infection and Fungal Infections.

The advantages and disadvantages of eating chikoo
The advantages and disadvantages of eating chikoo

Chikuku for children =

Very beneficial for children. You can tie the kids who are 6 to 8 months old. There is no allergy reaction in it. It is safe for all children.

Apart from this, it also strengthens the bones of the children and helps in keeping the body's many functions clean. It protects children from winter grief, besides it also helps to cure diseases such as diarrhea.

Eating loss of chikoo

There are very good nutrients in the chikoo, but it is important to know about its loss before eating it. According to your weight, you can consume 100 to 120 grams of lemon in a day, depending on your age.

Due to eating more chikoo, your weight can increase as it contains calories too much.
Due to eating more raw chaku, children may have sore throat, difficulty in breathing and such problems.

Conclusion =

So how many different types of peg are you up to? What are the benefits of eating chikoo? Should children give or not stomach? What can be the loss of eating chikoo? We told you about it, if you like our information, then definitely tell us by commenting below.

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 Know 28 Benefits and Pains of Pineapple

 Know 28 Benefits and Pains of Pineapple
 Know 28 Benefits and Pains of Pineapple

Pineapple = 

Pineapple is the innate plant of Brazil. Christopher Columbus found it in 1493 AD on the island of Guadeloupe in the Caribbean Islands and named it 'Pina the Indies'. Columbus had started cultivating of pineapple in Europe. The development of pineapple in India was begun by the Portuguese in 1548 AD. Pineapple leaves cut off by planting.

The product of pineapple is extremely delectable. The kind of its crude organic product is sweet and acrid taste is sweet. Its natural product is found in thymine, riboflavin, sucrose, glucose, caffeic corrosive, citrus extract, sugar and protein.

Medical advantages of pineapple = 

1. Drinking pineapple juice or sherbet in summer evacuates the issue of warmth and perspiring.

2. Nourishing the infant a hundred grams of new pineapple, his worm (fine worms) is annihilated. Remember that pineapple juice ought not be vacant stomach.

3. Peel the pineapple by eating little bits of it and expel bile issue.

5. In case of swelling of the body, pineapple gives benefits.

6. By expending dark pepper powder and dark salt on pineapple, it diminishes the issue of acid reflux.

7. Drinking two grams of pineapple squeeze day by day is less a direct result of the pineapple juice, it discharges and expels fat.

 Know 28 Benefits and Pains of Pineapple
 Know 28 Benefits and Pains of Pineapple

8. Pineapple juice is advantageous in the bacterial illnesses of the throat and mouth.

9. The utilization of pineapple does not meddle with Pisab.

10. Make ground powder, gram flour, shelled nut, dark salt and cumin seeds in rise to amount and make powder. By taking three grams of rice water toward the beginning of the day and night, it is exceptionally advantageous for the issue of polytheism.

11. Pineapple juice ought to likewise be devoured in fever.

12. The patient of acid reflux should sprinkle dark pepper powder on pineapple, include shake salt and eat it.

13. Drinking the pineapple sherbet evacuates summer warmth.

14. Because of the nonattendance of vitamins, C, and different nutritious nourishments, it is extremely valuable to eat pineapple and drink juice if there is scurvy.

15. Pineapple attempts to fortify the bones of the body and give vitality to the body.

16. On the off chance that there is a lack of blood in the body at that point drink pineapple juice will be of incredible advantage.

17. In the wake of having a little measure of rheumatoid joint inflammation, drinking ready juice of pineapple day by day is done in the best possible frame.

18. Drinking pineapple juice or syrup is exceptionally helpful in the late spring because of expanded nervousness and tension. Parched thirst is likewise quiet.

19. Covering on the mash of bubbled pineapple is exceptionally helpful.

20. In case of swelling of the throat and without tonsillation, it is exceptionally useful to eat pineapple.

21. Pineapple helps in decreasing thirst and strengthening body.

22. Pineapple builds body's safe framework and gives alleviation from customary chilly.

 Know 28 Benefits and Pains of Pineapple
 Know 28 Benefits and Pains of Pineapple

Loss of pineapple = 

1. Pregnant ladies ought not eat pineapple in the good 'ol days since it can build the danger of unsuccessful labor. Be that as it may, over the most recent couple of months they can eat pineapple.

2. The utilization of pomegranate amid the fasting takes poison.

3. Pineapple ought to be expelled from the inflexible part from the center of the record. Eating firm part can cause stomachache.

4. A few cautions have been seen in ladies and men by eating anaanas, for example, swelling of the lips and sore throat or shivering. To dodge this, put the cuts of pineapple in the water of salt water. This will end the throat compounds.

5. Shankar is found in high amount in Ananaas, so individuals who have diabetes ought to abstain from eating it. Since it can put their life in risk by expanding their glucose levels on one hand.

6. Individuals who eat blood-recoloring pharmaceuticals, they can harm pineapple.
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